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Mar. 9th, 2012

Super Junior

Horrible Bosses.

Horrible Bosses.

Part Seven.

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Pairings: Pairings: HanChul, KyuMin, EunHae, SiBum, YeWook, KangTeuk (switched Gender Female: Heechul, Sungmin, Donghae, Kibum, Ryeowook and Leeteuk)

DBSK: YunJae

Rating: PG (May change throughout other chapters)

Summary: When your boss is the CEO of a big enterprise company, when your boss is the boss of all bosses, when your boss is probably the hottest looking guy in the business world, when your boss is a notorious playboy, a sadistic pervert, and a useless alcoholic, what should you as his personal secretary do?

They are mean, they are sadistic, they are workaholics, they are useless and they come in the form of your boss, they will work you, play you, tease you and also make you cook for them.

5 CEOs, 5 Personal Assistants, One Project & Probably a hundred set of rules, how will they cope?


‘SUNGMIN!’ Kyuhyun shouts through the phone, ‘get in here now, I have something very important to discuss with you!’ Sungmin sighs before making her way to his office.

Kyuhyun is holding up a poster, he points at a series of numbers, she realises it was a date and time. ‘The new CyberGate Hall 2 is being released tonight at midnight, I want you to go and get it’, Sungmin sighs ‘fine I will pre-order it online later’.

Kyuhyun smirks before shaking his head ‘I don’t think you understand Sungmin, I want this game before everyone else, I want it before it sells out’ Sungmin’s eyes widen ‘you are not asking me to wait in a line at midnight in the freezing cold just to get you this game are you ?’. Kyuhyun claps his hand together ‘well done girl, you are learning fast, pick the game up and bring it to my apartment, if you don’t have the game at 25minutes past twelve tonight, don’t bother coming back here’.

Sungmin protested ‘I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I am your secretary not your personal slave; this is not in my job description’. Kyuhyun glared at her as if daring her to challenge him further, and Sungmin does carry on ‘if you want something get someone else to do it, for God’s sake you are Cho Kyuhyun you own a media corporation company, how hard is it to get someone to get you a copy of a game THAT your company makes?’

Kyuhyun smirks before getting off his seat to approach Sungmin, Sungmin was so startled that she took a step back and then another step until her back hits his glass desk, Kyuhyun smiles again before leaning in towards her, much too close for comfort before whispering ‘I could do that but what fun would there be in that? What if I told you that I am making you do it because I like to watch you suffer?’


Sungmin shivers as she wraps her coat tighter around her; she was currently stood in a long queue outside a gaming store that her boss happens to own, in order to get a new game that her boss’s company produces. Why? She has been questioning herself ever since getting there. She had originally planned to bribe her way to the front of the queue, but it turns out all these gaming freaks are not really interested in money nor were they intimidated despite Sungmin saying that she was the assistant to the guy that owns the company that produces this game.


Kyuhyun emerges from his bathroom and casually walks into the living room where Sungmin was sat, she had placed the game on the table behind her, her jaw drops for a few moment as she stares at the image before her of her boss stood in front of her with a white fluffy towel wrapped around his waist, his usually fluffy and well styled golden brown hair now wet his fringe flopping into his eyes  and there were clear beads of water that still lingered on his skin, drops losing its place and sliding down his perfectly toned chest, down and down until the drops were absorbed by the white towel. Kyuhyun smirks at a speechless Sungmin ‘it is rude to stare’. Sungmin attention snaps back into the room she gets up hastily and splutters ‘well, I…wasn’t staring, I, you know, you should really put some clothes on’. 

Kyuhyun shrugs before stepping closer to her ‘why should I, this is my place and I can do what I want…to who I want’ he takes another step until he was close enough for Sungmin to smell his refreshing scent and feel the warmth radiating from his almost naked body, Kyuhyun chuckles as she takes a step back, he leans in closer, his lips curled into that all too familiar evil smirk, this time he was close enough to feel her heavy breathing against his face, Sungmin flinches further back her eyes tightly closed, scared? Or anticipating? He leans so close now that he could feel the fabric of her blouse on a patch of his skin and then he reaches past her and takes the game that was left on the table behind her. Kyuhyun laughs as he takes a couple of steps back and Sungmin’s eyes snaps open to see that Kyuhyun had already taken the game and was already making his way towards his very large TV and game system. Sungmin feels her blood boil she hated this boss, he was immature and he was childish, he is forever teasing her, forever annoying her, but deep down inside there was a little niggling feeling that appeared the moment she thought he was going to kiss her.

‘Sungmin, quit spacing out and get over here now, I am hungry’. Before Sungmin could fire back a quick witted comeback about how she is just a secretary and not his personal chef , she was nearly deafened by loud gun shots, yes her CEO was now playing his new game in just a towel wrapped around his torso.

‘Sungmin, do not make me ask again, I am hungry!’ he says, his eyes concentrated on the huge HD screen before him and his hands clutching tightly to the handheld controller.

Sungmin sighs ‘FINE, where is the kitchen?’ she had to shout above the noise in order to be heard, ‘TO YOUR LEFT’ he replied. And she storms off towards that direction; Kyuhyun pauses the game for a moment to looks over to the direction of the kitchen he smiles before resuming his game. Sungmin is overwhelmed by Kyuhyun’s so called Kitchen, it was the size of two average household kitchen put together, the floor was of shiny polished marble, even the lighting was fancy and modern, everything including the kitchen appliances looked clean, in fact so clean that it looked brand new, does the guy even cook? She asks herself. She looks in the fridge to find nothing in it at all but bottles of alcohol, she then looks into the freezer to find only a tub of strawberry ice cream.

Sungmin sighs, she takes the ice cream out and puts it to one side for it to defrost a little, then she looks into all the cupboards to find nothing edible. After a while Sungmin takes a spoon and the tub of ice cream out to find Kyuhyun who had changed into a set of sky blue pyjamas. ‘Mr Cho your kitchen does not appear to have any edible products in it, the only thing I can find is this’. Kyuhyun pauses his game and looks up at her ‘well Sungmin sorry to tell you this but that is your problem, imagine how much trouble you will get if I, Cho Kyuhyun starved to death because his own PA didn’t feed him’, Sungmin was very annoyed now, she has had enough ‘Look sir I am not slaving around for you, can you stop playing me around for one hour, all I ask is one hour where I don’t have to see or hear your voice’ Kyuhyun shrugs and returns to his game.

She was gobsmacked, but decides to leave, just as she was about to get up he pauses his game and pulls her to sit next to him ‘you are not allowed to leave until I give you permission, remember’. Sungmin sighs, she had forgotten about his stupid rules. After a while of watching him playing countless rounds of violent games, she was distracted by the strawberry ice cream that was has since been abandoned on Kyuhyun’s expensive leather sofa. Knowing that he wasn’t going to eat it, she reaches for the sweet treat and takes a spoonful of the strawberry ice cream, and then another spoon and then another, relishing in each mouthful of the sweet delight melting slowly in her mouth, Kyuhyun sees this and he becomes annoyed ‘that is MY ice cream, feed me now’, Sungmin rolls her eyes at his childish behaviour and was just about to leave for the kitchen to get another spoon when Kyuhyun grabs her hand ‘feed me now’. She takes the spoon that she was using ‘okay then…’ before putting it to his mouth, still concentrating on the game he opens his mouth and takes in the spoonful of strawberry ice cream that Sungmin was carefully feeding to him. This went on for a while with her taking a spoonful then Kyuhyun taking a spoonful, after a while Sungmin finds that they were at their last spoonful of strawberry ice cream, without thinking she puts it in her mouth, Kyuhyun stopped playing his game ‘Sungmin did you just eat the last bit of ice cream?’ he leans ever so close to her, tossing the controller aside, with the ice cold mouthful of ice cream in her mouth she was unable to speak and only nods, Kyuhyun shakes his head ‘that wouldn’t do’ and with the he wraps an arm around her to pull her to him before placing his lips on hers, his tongue slipping out to prod her lips and she moans quietly leaving Kyuhyun the opportunity to quickly slip his tongue into her cold but sweet cavern, lapping at the strawberry ice cream still in her mouth, Sungmin squeaks and attempts to pull back but Kyuhyun has a strong grip on her. She decided that she was not losing this battle and so the two engage in a game fighting for every last bit of ice cream left in her mouth, tongues brushing against each other desperately trying to claim dominance and when the ice cream was gone, both their mouths and lips were numb from the cold but Kyuhyun liked the sensation of the sweet aftertaste lingering on Sungmin’s tongue, he gently pulls apart but leans in quickly to place one little sweet kiss back onto Sungmin’s cherry red lips.

Sungmin was in shock, she stayed silent, Kyuhyun licked his lips ‘I am not hungry anymore’.  Sungmin flushes red, to which Kyuhyun found adorable, ‘you should go home now Sungmin, it is very late, see you at the office tomorrow’. Sungmin could only nod as she watches her boss return to his game as if nothing had happened she grabs her coat and bag and quickly makes for the door.

Secretly from the corner of his eye, he watched her leave, when the door shuts, he pulls out his phone, dials a local 24hour fast food place and orders 5 tubs of Strawberry ice cream to be delivered to his house.  Anything to relive that sweet kiss he shared with her just moments ago.

From then on whenever he saw her he craved strawberry ice cream or maybe it was whenever he thought/wanted/needed strawberry ice cream he actually wanted her… ‘crap’ he thought.


A/N: A full chapter of sweet strawberry flavoured KyuMin oh and a semi naked Kyuhyun. The following chapters will have in depth interactions between each couple! Please comment, opinions and criticisms are loved.

Feb. 6th, 2012

Super Junior

Horrible Bosses.

Horrible Bosses.

Part Six

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Pairings: Pairings: HanChul, KyuMin, EunHae, SiBum, YeWook, KangTeuk (switched Gender Female: Heechul, Sungmin, Donghae, Kibum, Ryeowook and Leeteuk)

DBSK: YunJae

Rating: PG (May change throughout other chapters)

Summary: When your boss is the CEO of a big enterprise company, when your boss is the boss of all bosses, when your boss is probably the hottest looking guy in the business world, when your boss is a notorious playboy, a sadistic pervert, and a useless alcoholic, what should you as his personal secretary do?

They are mean, they are sadistic, they are workaholics, they are useless and they come in the form of your boss, they will work you, play you, tease you and also make you cook for them.

5 CEOs, 5 Personal Assistants, One Project & Probably a hundred set of rules, how will they cope?


It is a rare sunny Monday morning, the type where the sky was a perfect baby blue adorned with fluffy white clouds, the type most suitable for picnics, taking long walks in the parks, eating ice creams and in our case; Bungee jumping.

After the random meeting with Mr Jung on Saturday, Jaejoong, Mr Jung’s assistant had given them the location for their first mission, the first task came from a selection of minor companies who had requested that a ‘trust exercise’ should be done, after it is done a big grant of money will be donated to a Children’s charity, it was simple, one has to hurl themselves off a 200ft bridge…

‘Sungmin this is ridiculous’ Kyuhyun complains as he sees the height of the bridge.

Sungmin couldn’t help but giggle ‘are you scared?’

Kyuhyun splutters as he eyes up the bridge ‘no, of course not, pfttt… I have done worst things, I… are you questioning my courage?’

Sungmin stops giggling ‘no Mr Cho’


Siwon was busily checking his phone as he waits for the other CEOs to arrive, ‘this is typical of those unreliable guys’ he complains. Kibum agrees with him.

‘You don’t have to get so bitchy so early in the morning’ Kyuhyun shouts over to him.

Siwon raises his eyebrows but doesn’t say anything. ‘You are not the only one with better things to do you know’ Kyuhyun mutters.

‘Indeed, he is right’ Kangin says, he and Leeteuk had arrived.

Kibum frowns ‘guys, lay off each other, we just need to get this over and done with, without biting each other’s heads off’

‘Easy for you to say, we would have finished this already if the other useless idiots were on time’ Kyuhyun shouts.

Leeteuk frowns; it wasn’t her fault that her boss thought it appropriate to buy a case of wine on the way here.


‘Hey guys, sorry we are late, Mr Kim forgot to set his alarm on purpose’ Ryeowook says as she drags a sleepy Yesung out of the car.

Kangin groans ‘it’s about time, where’s the playboy, we are 20minutes behind schedule’

Mr Lee was the last CEO to arrive, late, mainly because he wasn’t used to having to wake up so early. He rubs his head trying to rid his hang over from last night ‘Urghh… the hell? This better be worthwhile, I am missing two dates and an erotic massage for it’

Donghae rolls her eyes.

‘Well maybe if you turned up on time, you wouldn’t have had to miss it’ Kangin fires back at him.

‘Hold on a minute, Kangin you were also late’ Kyuhyun says.

‘Yeah, by about 5minutes’

‘6 actually’ Siwon says looking at his watch.


The group gathered in front of the bungee jumping instructor, there was a lot of pushing and shoving around from the CEOs.  The diving instructor named ‘Ken’ raises his eyebrows, were they really South Korea’s top notch CEOs he was told about? They looked more childish and immature than anything else. ‘Alright guys, let’s make this quick, I am sure you all have better things to do, our guys here will strap you up with your girl and you both will jump at the count of 5…’

‘Woah, woah wait, girls?’ Leeteuk asks. ‘Are you saying that the assistants also has to jump?’

Ken nods, ‘yeah, that’s what I have been told by your project manager’

‘Wait, why didn’t I know this?’ Donghae asks as she quickly checks her notes.

Ken laughs ‘you weren’t told? I thought this was a trust exercise though’

Sungmin takes a step back ‘I can’t, I am afraid of heights’ Kyuhyun laughs evilly ‘who is scared one now?’

‘But, we are not in this, I mean we didn’t have a say’ Kibum reasons. The instructor shrugged ‘it isn’t my call’.

‘This is ridiculous’ Ryeowook whispers.

 And so the instructor begins giving out bits of equipment. 

The instructor helps Leeteuk to strap her safety belts in, she looks over at Kangin who was taking a not so discreet sip out of a dark bottle, no doubt it was alcohol. ‘Mr Kim, are you sober enough for this? Because if I am going to be throwing myself off a 200ft bridge with someone else attached to me, I’d much rather that someone be sober’

Kangin gives her a smile before shrugging, ‘I am always sober, don’t worry’. Somehow Leeteuk didn’t feel reassured.


Ryeowook is fanning her boss with a piece of paper to cool him down, all the while she is looking over the bridge, Yesung notices this ‘don’t worry Susan, I have got this, just call me up when it’s our go to jump, I want to take a little nap.’ Ryeowook doesn’t even bother correcting him.

Siwon is still on his blackberry, his long fingers busily flitting off the tiny keys while people around him help him fix up the safety gears, it was only until it was time for him to be strapped against Kibum that he puts the phone away. He gives her a butterfly inducing grin as she is attached to him with various straps. His arms automatically come around her waist as he holds her close.  ‘don’t worry it will be over soon, well It better be over soon, I have a meeting in 30minutes’. Kibum nods, too scared to say anything in case the fear can be evident in her voice. She wraps her arms around his waist as she tucks her head neatly under his chin and closes her eyes, heart beating way too fast, she didn’t know if it was because of the fear of jumping off a 200ft bridge for no reason or if it was because she was so close in contact with Siwon, or maybe it was the fact that his arms are so perfect, secure and warm around her, maybe it could be that he just smelt so damn nice.

She couldn’t even hear herself think as the countdown from 5 began. The only thing she could hear though was Siwon’s steady heartbeat against her ears as his grip tightens around her waist.


After watching Kibum and Mr Choi fall 200ft, Ryeowook felt dizzy ‘can I request an extra safety strap for me somewhere, in fact can I also request for an ambulance to be on standby?’ Yesung snapped open his eyes to see his pretty assistant biting her lips nervously, he chuckles as he pulls her down to sit next to him on the bench.

Meanwhile Sungmin was also panicking ‘this is stupid I don’t understand why we have to do this trust exercise all I will gain from this is that I don’t trust my boss, which is something that I know of anyway, I don’t need to take part in a death defying stunt to confirm my beliefs’

Kyuhyun laughs, he loved this, ‘shut up woman’ he pulls her over to him so that both could get strapped together, ‘Omo Sungmin look how far down we have to jump, what if your safety gear fails you?’ Kyuhyun teases, all the while Sungmin was panicking, the two stepped near the ledge as the instructor began the countdown. Kyuhyun softens when he sees the scared girl clinging onto him trembling ‘it will be easier if you closed your eyes’ and Sungmin did just that. The next thing she hears is Kyuhyun cackling loudly and the whistling of the wind.


Kangin was next, Leeteuk could feel her legs wobbling, ‘hey Kangin can I have your alcohol supply if you don’t’ make it?’ Mr Lee teases. Kangin groans ‘shut it playboy’. He turns to his trembling assistant ‘Ready?’ he asks ‘fu*k this shit, of course I am not ready, I don’t think I will ever be’ Kangin smiles ‘look just close your eyes and cling onto me’ ‘Ouch not that tight, at least loosen up a little, you’re strangling me here’ Leeteuk began to apologise ‘oh I’m sorry but you know I am just so…. arghhhhhhhhhhh…’ her sentence was replaced by her screaming as she and him hurdles through the air. Upside down.


 ‘So this is how my life is going to end’ Donghae says quietly ‘there is so much I have yet to do’ she sighs as she is strapped to her boss ‘Donghae stop panicking so much, it will be over soon and hopefully I  will be able to make it back on time I really need that massage…’ Donghae fails to comprehend any of Mr Lee’s rambling instead she can only hear ‘5, 4, 3,2,1’ and then the whistling of the wind as her feet leaves the bridge, she clutches onto her boss for dear life.


The last pair to jump is Ryeowook and Yesung, Ryeowook is shaking seeing the drop below close up did not help, the girl takes deep breaths, ‘I can do this’ she whispers to herself. Yesung chuckles she was just too adorable, he gently pulls her to him so the instructors can get them ready. ‘Whenever you are ready Ryeowook’ he whispers into her ear, Ryeowook’s eyes snapped open, did he just correctly say her name? ‘I’m ready’ and just like that the pair departs from the bridge, her heart was beating but not as fast as it was previously, she didn’t know if it was because Yesung’s voice had calmed her down or if it was because she was prepared to die.


‘Wasn’t that bad was it?’ Mr Choi asks.

‘Wasn’t bad? Are you kidding me? Never again!’ Kibum replies as she shudders remembering the moment that her heart beat quicken just a tad too fast.

‘Can we do that again?’ Kyuhyun asks. Sungmin glares at her boss.

‘Right can we go now? I have things to do, things like a deep tissue massage of which I am in desperate need of’ Hyukjae says. Donghae mumbles something about having to get back to the office to do the work that her boss should be doing.

Yesung and Ryeowook had since joined the group ‘that has tired me out, I am going to need a long nap to make up for it’ Yesung says. Ryeowook rolls her eyes.

‘Yesung, everything makes you tired, you might as well carry a bed around with you’ Kangin adds.

‘Coming from someone who carries around a case of beer with him everywhere he goes, that is good advice’ Yesung replies back rather sarcastically.

‘Uh, okay, swiftly moving on, one of us should get a call from Mr Sex God, I mean Mr Jung right around now…’ Leeteuk says and as if on cue Sungmin’s phone rings.

After 5 minutes, the pretty assistant comes off the phone ‘well Mr Jung says that the videos have been sent to and watched by a selected board of directors and they have given the go ahead for the first negotiated grant…’

‘wait what? We were videoed?’ Kyuhyun asks.

‘Yeah, the videos will be available online as of now, so people can watch it and that means promotions for us too’

‘Apparently some of the directors liked watching the scared expressions of some of the CEOs and they thought that an amount of 8000won was worth it’

‘WHAT! I just threw my precious self-off a 200feet bridge and that is all they are donating? The hell is this?’ Kyuhyun fumes.

Mr Lee scoffs ‘that was it? I spend that amount of money on a night out’

Kangin laughs ‘I suppose they are being a little stingy there, I mean we did hurl our arses suicide style off a bridge after all’

‘No that is not right, get one of those directors on the phone now, we need to talk!’ Kyuhyun fumes, clearly annoyed, ‘my epic fall is not worth that little’.

Kibum rolls her eyes ‘guys remember it’s all for charity’

Yesung yawns ‘wow so that was it then, no congratulations you all survived falling off a 200ft bridge?’

Siwon was annoyed too ‘I missed two important meetings for 8000wons? Get whatever his name is on the phone now, that amount needs to go up!’ Kibum frowns before trying to find one of the director’s numbers.

The girls all looked helplessly at each other as their bosses are all on the phone blackmailing certain directors, sweet talking others and threatening most of them.


After 10minutes, the girls find out that the amount has been tripled.


A/N: Pretty long update I think. Lol at the Bickering and fighting amongst the CEOs. Comments and criticisms are loved. I hope people are not confused or anything, for every project that takes place, a selection of important people (in this case a board of directors from other companies) first negotiates a sum of money that would be donated to charity after that project/task has been completed. 

Jan. 23rd, 2012

Super Junior

Horrible Bosses.

Horrible Bosses/ My Boss & I

Part Five

Genre: Comedy, Romance and Adult Humour

Pairings: HanChul, KyuMin, EunHae, SiBum, YeWook, KangTeuk (switched Gender Female: Heechul, Sungmin, Donghae, Kibum, Ryeowook and Leeteuk)

DBSK: YunJae

Rating: PG (May change throughout other chapters)

Summary: When your boss is the CEO of a big enterprise company, when your boss is the boss of all bosses, when your boss is probably the hottest looking guy in the business world, when your boss is a notorious playboy, a sadistic pervert, and a useless alcoholic, what should you as his personal secretary do?

They are mean, they are sadistic, they are workaholics, they are useless and they come in the form of your boss, they will work you, play you, tease you and also make you cook for them. 

5 CEOs, 5 Personal Assistances, 1 project and probably a hundred set of rules, how will they cope?

Mr Cho is running alongside his personal assistant as they try to cross a road in order to get to the Seoul’s Business Headquarters, ‘Sungmin why didn’t you give me earlier notice!’ he shouts to an exhausted Sungmin, Sungmin frowns as she tries to dodge traffic ‘I did try, I have been ringing you for 20 minutes and if you had stopped gaming for once you would have answered the call earlier’.

‘Shut up’


‘I am sorry, could you possibly go faster, we are kind of late here’ Donghae pleads to the taxi driver, the man snorts, ‘this is a taxi not a formula one race car’ he says sarcastically.

Mr Lee who was sat next to Donghae blows a raspberry ‘I can see that’ he says looking at the worn down exterior of the taxi disapprovingly.

‘This better be important because I am missing a massage appointment for it’ he mutters.


Leeteuk regrets getting into her Boss’s car, one because he was probably intoxicated and two is still because he is intoxicated. Kangin looks in the car’s mirror and smiles at the pretty face wearing a slight frown, ‘it’s fine Leeteuk, I am a good driver, I will get us there on time’ with that he steps on the pedals hurling Leeteuk further back into the leather seat, she panics as she clings onto her seat belt for dear life.


‘Mr Kim, wake up, we are here but we are slightly late so we are going to have to rush through’ Ryeowook says, but Mr Kim ignores her and carries on sleeping, Ryeowook shakes him violently.

‘This better be good, I am missing seriously nap time because of it’


Being the first to arrive, Kibum stands nervously behind her boss inside a very big meeting room, on the opposite side of the room sat two men, one of the man was dressed in full work gear despite it being Saturday he was unmistakeably the Jung Yunho, the one that the press loved talking about, he was wearing a cold and dark expression on his handsome face, with his hands clasped together, the man standing beside of him was equally as famous as his boss, Kim Jaejoong the pretty boy who worked as Mr Jung’s assistant, Jaejoong unlike his boss looked happy and bright despite the tense and awkward atmosphere in the room.

Kibum was starting to worry, the others are 10minutes late. She was about to excuse herself to make several urgent calls to the girls when at that moment 6 people crashed into the meeting room, all looking exhausted and tired having ran all the way up 3 flights of stairs because the lifts were out of order and there were no one around to fix it because it was a Saturday. 

Mr Jung raised his eyebrows but doesn’t say anything instead he waits for everyone to get settled down.

‘I am sorry to have dragged you out on this fine Saturday morning, but I wouldn’t do so if it wasn’t urgent’ his voice was calm, deep but oh so sensual, it reminded Sungmin of fresh strawberries dipped in melted milk chocolate.

Mr Jung clicked his fingers to signal for the LCD screen behind him to be switched on; Ryeowook couldn’t help but notice those beautifully long, slender fingers. 

The man stands up and pulls his black suit down a little to straighten it out, Leeteuk’s heart hitched wanting to be that very suit he was wearing just so she could wrap around the man’s body and cling to him.

He began, the powerpoint.

It was official; the CEO’s assistants had fallen in lust with this handsome Mr Jung Yunho.

‘I am sure you are all familiar with each other but for the sake of it, let’s introduce you all, now let’s start with you’ the handsome businessman looks towards the equally handsome Mr Choi.

‘Mr Choi Siwon, by the age of just 25years you became the CEO of Choi Corporations, a business empire built by your own two hands, to this point, your 27 year old self is now in charge of powering around 80% of South Korea with water, gas and electricity’

The tall man moves around the room and stops where Mr Kim (Kangin) was sat ‘Mr Kim Young-Woon, at the age of 24 you inherited your parent’s Kim Constructions company, you are now 27years old and 50% of the properties in South Korea are constructed under your company, even this building we are sitting in, from its stairs to its doors were all built by your company’

Mr Jung moved to Mr Kim Jong-woon who much to his dismay had his eyes closed as he quietly slept, ‘Mr Kim Jong-woon here runs South Korea’s most successful advertising agency, so successful there are branches stretching out across the globe, ‘MarketingDirect’ was the agency in charge of the propaganda for the election campaign last year’

Mr Jung walks to the over side of the room, the girls all staring at him like he is a piece of delectable meat. The minister stopped by Mr Lee who doesn’t seem to be listening because he was on his mobile phone, texting away to various women, ‘Mr Lee HyukJae here is the notorious CEO to ‘LHJ Banking Corporations’, the largest chain of banks in South Korea, however many doubt his leadership because of his wild child ways’

‘The last CEO in this room is Mr Cho Kyuhyun’ he turns to the CEO who was playing on his handheld PSP. ‘Mr Cho is the CEO to ‘TeleComLtd’, at first glance he may seem like a gamer with too much time on his hand but in reality he is responsible for this country’s largest Media Communication networks, the most popular internet provider in South Korea, the largest television broadcasting network, the largest telephone line networks are all ran by him and under his control, and until last year Mr Cho managed to purchase a 40% share in the gaming industry, something he holds close to heart’

Mr Lee lets out a not so subtle yawn ‘I don’t mean to rush you minister but you are telling us all this because?’  Mr Jung lets out an adorable chuckle releasing a flutter of butterflies in all 5 of the assistant’s tummy.

‘You might have noticed a pattern by now, the 5 CEOs in this very room, are all handpicked by me, the main reason is? You are all the best of the best in South Korea’

‘Now the main point of this meeting is for me to deliver a project which has been instructed by the Prime Minister himself, one never tried or even attempted before because of all the risks it carries’

Siwon looked slightly interested.

‘Project IOL,’ Improving Lives of Others’ is what we planned, the idea is we aim to benefit the unfortunate, we will start off on a small scale then slowly develop this project onto a larger scale, stretching out to places such as Africa for example’

Mr Cho puts his PSP down, a slightly annoyed look on his face ‘charity? Is this what all the fuss is about?’

Mr Jung ignores him and continues ‘we want a grand scale promoting of this new Charity project if you like, we need to vamp up South Korea’s image, we are a country of generous giving, dedicated to helping those in need, now to tackle the problem I am sure you are all wondering what’s in it for your companies’

Mr Choi nods.

‘Think about it, you are all geniuses, you should know that promoting the ethnic side of your company can only do good, you will gain profit because of the endless promotions as well as gaining moral fans, what could go wrong, you only have to give up one day a week to plan one project’

Mr Cho snorts ‘dude I don’t have enough time as it is’, Mr Jung frowns ‘well maybe if you put down that goddam PSP, you might find you will have more time on your hands’ Sungmin couldn’t help but laugh, she stops when Kyuhyun glares at her.

‘Can’t we pay someone and sort of sponsor them to do these projects instead?’ Mr Lee asks.

Mr Jung shakes his head ‘if you all did that, what’s the point, the idea is that you will all be present at these events, all money raised will go towards various charities of your choice’

The next hour passed by with Mr Jung, briefing the group on the various projects that needs to be carried out.

Both Mr Kim were falling asleep, Mr Cho has continued with his gaming while Mr Lee has continued texting, the only CEO actually paying attention was Mr Choi.

Mr Jung continues ‘right, that is all I have to say, I will check up on you lot every once in a while, Jaejoong here will give you your first project’ Mr Jung points towards his pretty male assistant before bowing and exiting the room, much to the disappointment of the girls.

JaeJoong was different from his boss, the pretty man bounced to the front of the room ‘okay people Yunnie has… I meant Mr Jung has given me your first task, trust exercise’

Mr Cho looks up from his PSP ‘trust exercises?’  

The assistants starts writing notes.

JaeJoong chuckled ‘yes Mr Cho, trust exercise in the form of Bungee jumping’

Mr Choi nearly chokes on the water he was drinking ‘is there no other alternative?’ the pretty assistant smiled ‘well Yunho, I meant Mr Jung named this project ‘JumpStart’, creative right, he is just so intelligent and dreamy and…’ Mr Choi cleared his throat politely.

‘Oh I’m sorry about that’ JaeJoong says, the assistant continues to give out details about their first task. When they are done, Jaejoong bids them good luck and good bye, as the group prepares to leave, Sungmin thought it important to whisper to Jaejoong that she thinks Mr Jung was hot stuff. Jaejoong nods in agreement, this causes all 5 of the female PAs to join in with the cooing over Mr Jung.

‘Urghh isn’t he just wonderful that amazing piece of man meat?!’ Kibum squeals

‘I know, tell me about it, that flawless being!’ Leeteuk adds.

‘How can you get anything done with that sex God around?’ Donghae asks

Jaejoong smiles excitedly ‘I get so sexually frustrated whenever he is around and…’

‘Uhh, too much information dude’ Mr Lee says he drags Donghae with him out of the door. Donghae frowns as she is made to leave with her boss ‘see you girls later’.

‘Jaejoong please tell me you have his number?’ Leeteuk says

Sungmin nods ‘I want to hear that sex laced voice and…’

‘The hell is this Sungmin’ Mr Cho Kyuhyun asks clearly annoyed and maybe a little jealous, he was used to having girls over at his offices fuss over and fawn over him but this, this he did not like. He grabs his Assistant by the hand and pulls her out with him, ‘text me his number’ Sungmin manages to shout out.

The other girls giggled, Mr Kim motions to Ryeowook that it was time to go only because he was tired but mainly he didn’t like listening to his PA fan girl over another man… wait what, Yesung does a double take, did I just? He thinks.

Soon after all the PAs were dragged out by their bosses, Jaejoong was left alone to tidy up the room, the pretty man hums a little tune as he moves around the room. He lets out a squeal when he feels a familiar pair of arms drape around his slim waist, pulling him into someone’s warm chest, without turning around Jaejoong smiles ‘Yunnie I missed you!’

Yunho smiles as he nuzzles his face into his boyfriend’s strawberry scented hair and breathes in the sweet smell. Jaejoong frowns, being in Yunho’s warm embrace was restricting his movements ‘Yunnie let go for a minute I need to tidy this up’ he whines, Yunho chuckles as he lets go of the man, spins him around to place a sweet kiss onto Jaejoong’s soft lips, he pulls away to gently brush Jaejoong’s fringe away from his eyes. This Yunho was completely different from the cold, strict and stern Mr Jung everyone had seen just20minutes ago.

‘Yunnie, do you think those lot will manage?’ Jaejoong asks.

Yunho chuckles ‘that bunch of people are all bright, the brightest in Korea, but they all lack many things, hopefully whatever one lacks the other can make up for’

Jaejoong laughs ‘I am just worried for their personal assistants; they will have break downs’

Yunho laughs as he hugs Jaejoong ‘only time will tell my love’.


A/N: Woahh, did you expect so much YunJae fluff at the end?! Haha Okay I promise the next chapter will have less boring business related talk and more interactions between the couples. Sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes. Comments and criticisms are loved. :D

Jan. 22nd, 2012

Super Junior

Horrible Bosses.

Horrible Bosses/ My Boss & I

Part Four

Genre: Comedy, Romance and Adult Humour

Pairings: HanChul, KyuMin, EunHae, SiBum, YeWook, KangTeuk (switched Gender Female: Heechul, Sungmin, Donghae, Kibum, Ryeowook and Leeteuk)

DBSK: YunJae

Rating: PG (May change throughout other chapters)

Summary: When your boss is the CEO of a big enterprise company, when your boss is the boss of all bosses, when your boss is probably the hottest looking guy in the business world, when your boss is a notorious playboy, a sadistic pervert, and a useless alcoholic, what should you as his personal secretary do?

They are mean, they are sadistic, they are workaholics, they are useless and they come in the form of your boss, they will work you, play you, tease you and also make you cook for them. 

5 CEOs, 5 Personal Assistances, 1 project and probably a hundred set of rules, how will they cope?

The girls have all managed to adapt to their new jobs, and a month had already passed by, they have gotten used to how things are ran, the right thing to do and say in certain situations. Okay, so maybe Donghae still hasn’t done a proper task that doesn’t involve ordering party food, Ryeowook still finds it hard to communicate with her boss, the guy doesn’t even remember her name most of the time, Sungmin is still being played around by Mr Cho, and Kibum is buried in mountains of work while Leeteuk thinks her boss needs to see a counsellor for his drinking problems.

But hey, as long as they are being paid, they don’t really care. Even if it meant they had to sacrifice a few things, such as the state of their mental health or patience or their weekends. Maybe not the weekend… therefore it annoyed Sungmin to no end when she gets a call on a Saturday morning from the secretary of a certain Mr Jung alerting her that an emergency meeting was to be held in approximately one hour, in which her boss CEO of Cho Communications is to attend. 

When Sungmin tells the other girls, she finds out that she wasn’t the only one...

‘A Mr Kim JaeJoong called me too, saying he was the secretary to some guy called Mr Jung, he says that the meeting is important and there would be a heavy penalty should we not turn up’ Donghae says.

‘Really? I got the same call about 10 minutes ago, telling me that I have to alert Mr Choi about said meeting, I don’t know how he is going to take this, it is a weekend after all’ Kibum says.

‘Wait who the hell is Mr Jung?’ Kibum asks ‘and why are we even listening to him?’

‘Jung… that name sounds familiar, it rings a bell, I have heard it on the tele but…’ Sungmin stops mid-sentence. The other girls freeze as they all catch on, ‘JUNG YUNHO?!’ They shout out in unison.

 ‘In an hour, then that means…?’

‘We are in BIG trouble, let’s go girls, best of luck and see you in a bit’ Sungmin mutters as she grabs her coat.

All five girls set off in different directions, Kibum jumps into a taxi as she tries to get hold of her boss on the phone.

‘Hello Mr Choi, I know it’s a weekend and I know I am not supposed to bother you unless its importantIMeanThisIsImportantButYouKnowIGotACallFromSomeGuyTellingMeTo Tell…’ at that point Siwon interrupts her ‘Kibum, I have no idea what you are saying, can you start from the beginning and slow down a little?’ Mr Cho’s voice was calm and monotone as always giving one the impression that he was probably in the middle of doing some paper work.

Kibum explains again, slowly this time.


‘Hello, hello?’ Donghae desperately shouts down the phone, Mr Lee doesn’t respond, she could hear loud giggling in the background, she could hear loud music, and she could hear slurping, she didn’t want to think about what the slurping noises were.

‘Hello, Mr Lee, its Donghae, I know it is a Saturday but we have an urgent meeting in about 30 minutes, you need to meet me outside the Seoul Business Headquarters and… hello, are you listening?’

There was more laughter, ‘sorry dear, music is too loud, I am busy, can’t talk right now’

Donghae was beginning to panic ‘no you have to get there, it’s Mr Jung Yunho’

There was a moment of silence ‘alright I’ll be there’

Donghae sighs in relief; the name dropping seemed to work. But she still had an uneasy feeling about this.


‘Yes who is it?’ A drowsy sleep laced voice asks. Ryeowook jumps in relief; it had taken her 15 calls to get hold of Mr Kim. ‘Mr Kim, its Ryeowook, I know its Saturday, but…’

There was a yawn ‘who?’

Ryeowook sighed before calmly saying ‘my name is Ryeowook, I work for you, I am your personal assistant, I have been working for you since last month, does that ring any bells?’ she asks.

Mr Kim chuckles ‘ah right yes, my PA, what’s wrong?’ Ryeowook explains.


Leeteuk hails a taxi from the pavement, worry eating away at her, she really hoped that Mr Kim wasn’t drunk, but she knew it was false hope the guy is probably off his face drunk.

 ‘Mr Kim, sorry to bother you but a Mr Jung Yunho has arranged a meeting for, well in about 10 minutes at the Seoul Business Headquarters, are you sober enough to go?’

Hell, what is she on about, sober or not, she HAD to get her boss over to that meeting, this is Mr freaken Jung Yunho, nobody denies Mr Jung Yunho what he wants.


Sungmin groans, she was still trying to get through to Mr Cho, and has been at it for the past 20 minutes, when at last an angry voice answered ‘WHAT! What is it that you people want from me?!’

Mr Cho shouts down the phone, Sungmin bites her lips, he wasn’t happy ‘I know today is Saturday but…’

The snarky voice began again ‘well Sungmin, I am glad you realise that it is Saturday so tell me WHAT THE HELL IS THE PROBLEM I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF AN IMPORTANT TASK HERE’

Sungmin snorts but tries to disguise it as a cough, she knew he meant that he was in the middle of gaming.

‘I have been informed that a meeting is scheduled in 10minutes at Seoul’s Business Headquarters…’

Mr Cho cuts in ‘Cancel it’

Sungmin felt like screaming then hurling her phone across the road but instead she calmly explains ‘Mr Jung Yunho has requested that you attend this meeting’

There was silence, ‘I’ll be there in 5 minutes then. The phone clicked off.


Jung Yunho is the South Korean government’s secretary for Business affairs, the top gun, the big guy, the boss of all bosses. Known for having an intimidating and dominating personality, with his towering height and well-built body structure the guy is not one to be messed with, emotionally or physically. Of course it doesn’t help that Jung Yunho is the youngest and handsomest secretary in the government, with a female fan base that could rival any Korean boyband and looks that can reduce any woman to a puddle of goo. But that is beside the point, today, on a Saturday, Jung Yunho has summoned 5 of the business industries’ most successful companies to undertake a project.

A very important project…


A/N: Ohhhh, was anyone also curious as to who Mr Jung Yunho is and why he holds so much power and control of these bad ass CEOs? Haha, Now you know. Comments and criticisms are loved.

Jan. 19th, 2012

Super Junior

Horrible Bosses.

Horrible Bosses/ My Boss & I

Part Three

Genre: Comedy, Romance and Adult Humour

Pairings: HanChul, KyuMin, EunHae, SiBum, YeWook, KangTeuk (switched Gender Female: Heechul, Sungmin, Donghae, Kibum, Ryeowook and Leeteuk)

DBSK: YunJae

Rating: PG (May change throughout other chapters)

Summary: When your boss is the CEO of a big enterprise company, when your boss is the boss of all bosses, when your boss is probably the hottest looking guy in the business world, when your boss is a notorious playboy, a sadistic pervert, and a useless alcoholic, what should you as his personal secretary do?

They are mean, they are sadistic, they are workaholics, they are useless and they come in the form of your boss, they will work you, play you, tease you and also make you cook for them. 

5 CEOs, 5 Personal Assistances, 1 project and probably a hundred set of rules, how will they cope?

5 girls all collapsed into the sofa seats of their favourite café, having finished and survived their first day at their new jobs, they have decided to eat out and talk about their experience.

Donghae sighs, ‘it was awful girls’, Ryeowook nods sadly, Leeteuk drops her head in despair.

‘Who wants to go first?’ Sungmin asks sadly.

Donghae sits up ‘I don’t think the people of South Korea realises that ‘LHJ Bank’ the most respected bank chains in South Korea is ran by a bunch of party animals, Mr Lee runs a whore house there, the amount of things I have seen today’ she shakes her head ‘I have to wash my eyes out’.

Kibum scoffs ‘I am going to take it that none of you had to run around the city in heels balancing files jumping from one lunch meeting to another while your boss who is a workaholic keeps throwing workload after workload at you’

Leeteuk laughs ‘at least your boss isn’t an alcoholic’ her mind wanders back to her walking into an office filled with empty alcohol containers. She shudders.

Sungmin sighs ‘my boss is a sadistic gamer, he games all day and I am left picking up after him, it is only my first day and already I feel like quitting’

The girls all turn to Ryeowook, Ryeowook blinks ‘At least all your bosses do something, all my boss does is sleep, seriously, I don’t even know what to do with myself when he is asleep’

As if one cue all 5 girls’ heaves a sigh, even when the dishes came out, the depressing mood lingered.


‘Sungmin, get in here’ Mr Cho bellows into his telephone. ‘Now’.

Sungmin blew her fringe out of her pretty face, this was the sixth time he had called on her in the last hour, the last thing he had asked her to do was for her to get him a slice of ‘ lemon cheesecake’ , which she had to run 3 blocks for, when she finally presented it to him, he complained that it was all crumbled and soggy.

Sungmin gets up and with a heavy heart drags herself to Mr Cho’s office.

‘Yes Mr Cho?’

‘I want you to cancel all my appointments for today, I am busy’

Sungmin groans ‘but that is impossible and irresponsible’

‘Is that attitude I hear in your voice Sungmin’? Kyuhyun smirks, sarcasm dripping with every word.

Sungmin shakes her head quickly.

When she checks up on her boss again, she sees that he was sat in front of his gaming ‘stations’ playing or as he puts it ‘testing out’ new games. She returns to her seat and upon seeing her tray of work piling up, she sighs.


‘Mr Choi, your PR just called to say that she wants to extend the deadline for the new proposals originally scheduled for next week’

Without looking up from his computer, Mr Choi takes a sip of his dark espresso ‘tell her that if she can’t hand in the agreed proposals on the set date, I will find someone else who can’

Kibum raises her eyebrows ‘Yes Mr Choi’.

‘And have you drafted the Shanghai Exo plans I asked you to do?’

Kibum bows her head in apology, ‘Sorry Mr Choi, I am currently working on overviewing the last minute plans to the contract deal you negotiated earlier this morning’.

Mr Choi looks up at Kibum ‘Kibum you have to get your priorities straight that contract overview can wait, I want the Shanghai Exo project plans on my table before you leave today’


Donghae fans her face, if Eunhyuk makes her order anymore cocktail sausages for his office parties; she will have a break down.

She wonders who actually does their job properly, because as far as she can see no one really seems to take their jobs seriously. It was already her second week in this hell hole but she hasn’t actually done any proper work apart from ordering various random items such as wine glasses and toothpicks.

It may be her second week, but she still wasn't used to the amount of office romps that go on in this place, she shakes her head when she remembers the time when she walked into the photocopier room to see 2 colleagues going at it, or the time she walked into the bathroom to hear very low moans and loud banging coming from a cubicle or the time she walks into the receptionist area to see her boss… Donghae sighs; her poor innocent mind was no more.


‘Mr Kim, uh, sorry to bother you but you have a meeting in 5 minutes’ Mr Kim shots up, eyes glazed over with sleep , hair in all directions, he had already slept through the entire morning.

Mr Kim fixes his hair, straightens his tie. ‘Let’s go then Susan’.

Ryeowook rolls her eyes ‘its Ryeowook’ she has lost count of the amount of times she has had to correct him about her name.

Mr Kim smiles ‘yeah, sure, I knew that, you are the uhh…’

‘I am Ryeowook, I am your PA… Personal assistant’

Mr Kim smiles ‘right, uh yeah, okay, Susan let’s get this meeting started’.

Ryeowook doesn’t even bother.


Leeteuk stands beside her boss’s desk as she waits for him to sign some documents.

Her boss takes a swig at his bottle of beer, his fourth one this morning, Leeteuk quietly noted. Mr Kim signs the last contract without even reading or going through it.

‘I’m not trying to tell you how to do your job but, you really should read these things, especially if you are going to sign it’ Leeteuk says quietly.

Mr Kim looks up at her, an unreadable expression on his beautifully defined face ‘I trust you to have gone over it once before you gave it to me to sign right?’

Leeteuk nodded he had a point.

‘I trust you Leeteuk, you wouldn’t let me sign something that would put your job at risk right?’

Leeteuk laughed nervously.


A/N: A very short update, just an insight into a typical work day of the girls. Comments and criticisms are loved. 

Jan. 17th, 2012

Super Junior

Horrible Bosses.

Horrible Bosses.
Part Two
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Pairings: Pairings: HanChul, KyuMin, EunHae, SiBum, YeWook, KangTeuk (switched Gender Female: Heechul, Sungmin, Donghae, Kibum, Ryeowook and Leeteuk)

DBSK: YunJae

Rating: PG (May change throughout other chapters)

Summary: When your boss is the CEO of a big enterprise company, when your boss is the boss of all bosses, when your boss is probably the hottest looking guy in the business world, when your boss is a notorious playboy, a sadistic pervert, and a useless alcoholic, what should you as his personal secretary do?

They are mean, they are sadistic, they are workaholics, they are useless and they come in the form of your boss, they will work you, play you, tease you and also make you cook for them. 

5 CEOs, 5 Personal Assistants, One Project & Probably a hundred set of rule, how will they cope?


Sungmin was ushered into an office, she nervously glanced at the big luxurious black leather sofa on one corner of the room, before swiftly looking at the huge glass windows that looks out into the city’s skyline, everything in this office seemed to be larger than life, the glass desk was clean and tidy except for a computer and keyboard, she moves onto the other side of the office to see… ‘is that a games console?’ she asks to no one in particular.

‘Yes it is’, Sungmin gasps as she turns around to meet her new boss, the tall man dressed in a black suit jacket takes a second to look Sungmin up and down before grinning and… is that a smirk? ‘The name is Cho Kyuhyun, I trust you must have done some back ground research on me, from today on, I am your boss, you work directly under me, you are not allowed to take orders from anyone but me!’

Sungmin splutters, she had no idea what to say. Slightly taken aback by the handsome figure she could only nod.

Kyuhyun continues as he paces around his spacious office ‘now let us set down some ground rule Sungmin, firstly you must not leave unless I have granted you permission, and the last rule is you are to do everything I ask of you without questions, have I made myself clear?’ He stops in front of her with a slight smirk playing on his face.

‘Yes, Mr Cho’ Sungmin replies timidly, her head facing down looking at her new bosses’ impossibly shiny black shoes.  Today was going to be a very long day.


Ryeowook pants and wipes her brows as she rushes through the lift doors, she was slightly late partly due to the size of the building, but she needn’t have worried though because when she was directed to the room of her new boss she only finds a man… ‘is he asleep?’ she thinks. She clears her throat but the sleeping man does not respond, she takes slow steps towards the brown mahogany desk and tries to see the face of the sleeping figure.

She does a fake cough in an attempt to wake him up, the man shoots up immediately, looking bewildered ‘is there a fire, is the building on fire, what is going on, where is the fire?’ the man continues to fire random questions in his sleepy state until his eyes land on the pretty petite girl. The man gets up fixes his tie and hair, ‘oh sorry, I told them not to wake me up unless the building was on fire’

Ryeowook smiles ‘Ummm its fine, my name is Ryeowook, they told me that I will be your new personal assistant’

The man smiles as he takes in the sight of the pretty girl, he stretches his arms before smiling ‘my name is Kim  Jongwoon, uh, why don’t you just go outside and get us both a coffee or something while I… uhh… do some paperwork’.

Ryeowook nods, bows before exiting the room. To her surprise when Ryeowook re-enters Mr Kim’s office, she was met yet again with his sleeping figure, the side of his face pressed against the black glass desk, snoring slightly with his mouth opened.

Ryeowook doesn’t know what to say or do; she just stands blinking at her sleeping boss.


Leeteuk nervously makes her way to the appointed room where she was told that she will meet her new boss, however before she even opens the big door leading to the office; she scrunched up her nose at the smell of alcohol. When she knocks and gets no response, she pushes open the door to be hit again with the strong fumes of alcohol, Leeteuk gasps when she sees a selection of empty bottles of vintage wine on the wide glass table, she gingerly steps over the crushed empty cans of beer to eventually see a man slumped on the floor, his eyes half lidded as he hiccups and his hands clutches a glass of brown liquid, which Leeteuk suspected was more alcohol.

‘Hello, sorry, excuse me, my name is Leeteuk, it’s my first day…’

No response.

‘I am your new PA’

When there was still no response Leeteuk bites her lip as she takes another look around her boss’s office, there were empty cans of beer everywhere, it didn’t match with the exterior of the expensive looking office.

Leeteuk tries again, ‘Mr Kim Young-woon’

The man groans before reaching a hand onto his desk to support himself so he could pull himself up. Leeteuk noted that Mr Kim’s clothes were all immaculately clean, expensive looking, no creases, his appearance was neat and he looked very handsome, but the alcohol image just didn’t match.

The man grins ‘welcome abroad’ he holds out the glass of brown liquid and raises it towards Leeteuk, Leeteuk kindly rejects him, he shrugs before downing the entire content of the glass.


As soon as she had stepped into the office area she knew something was wrong, very wrong, it was not how Donghae had imagined it, there were no people busily running around clutching onto folders and files, there were no angry workers, no shouting as people rush to get things done. No. Instead the moment Donghae had set foot into the office, her mind couldn’t even function it properly, hell she couldn’t even hear her own thoughts over the very loud club music that was playing, there were no people, just a lot of laughing, giggling, loud excited shouting, the occasional banging and the moving of heavy furniture or something.

‘Excuse me, is anyone here?’ she says, but she knew it was useless, she couldn’t even hear herself over the loud thumping of music. She takes cautious steps through the large office area until she finds herself standing outside a door that read ‘Refreshment room’. Judging from the loud noises coming through the door she figured that the people must all be in here…

She did not expect it, not in an entire lifetime; South Korea’s most successful banking empire was in the midst of engaging in an office party. On a rainy Monday morning.

It was like stepping into a completely different world, there were bottles of alcohol everywhere, and people had on party hats, the women were all dressed appropriately in night club wear, the room was filled with smoke and noise, it was all too much, Donghae tries to find the person in charge, maybe I have stepped into the wrong building…  she thinks as she tries to avoiding knocking into a guy throwing out all his dance moves.

‘Sorry to interrupt your, err… partying but can you direct me to your boss’

The woman Donghae was talking to laughs ‘good luck trying to get his attention’, she points her finger to the left hand side of the incredibly large room, Donghae bows and thanks her before quickly following the direction she was pointed to.

Though she wish she hadn’t, there he was, Mr. Lee HyukJae the CEO of South Korea’s biggest banking corporation; ‘LHJ’ is in fact in the corner of the room dressed in full suit gear having his face sucked by a woman while a another women is grinding against him in time to the loud music. Donghae blinks, shocked, in a situation like this, should she run away and quit this job? Its her first day, she hasn’t even got any work done and already she feels overwhelmed.

Luckyily or not so luckily for her depending on how you look at it, Mr lee notices the girl staring at him eyes wide open. Mr lee manages to pull himself away much to the disapproval of the women clinging onto him. ‘Hey Yo, new girl, I got the note that I have a new PA’ he shouts over the loud music. Donghae snaps her mouth shut ‘umm yeah… my name is dong…’ she doesn’t get to finish her sentence because the man was right in front of her, breathing down her, she could smell the alcohol on his breath, with one finger he tilts her chin up to look him in the eyes ‘welcome to the party beautiful’.


Kibum slumps back down on the leather brown couch as she is told for the 2nd time that day that her boss Mr Cho Siwon was still in a board meeting, she had already waited two hours the meeting was supposed to end an hour ago.

When there was still no sign of her new boss, she proceeds to ask the receptionist again who tells her that Mr Choi was currently in an emergency meeting with his board of directors. Kibum frowned, this guy sure was busy. Kibum had already done her back ground research; this guy was no light weight, having built up his business empire with his own two hands, now Choi  Corporations reign all over South Korea, with Choi taking control of 80% of South Korea’s natural resources, from electricity, water to gas.

Kibum felt her eye lids get heavy from staring out of the huge glass windows for too long, just when she was about to doze off, the door to Mr Choi’s office opened, Kibum jumps up in shock before straightening her clothes. The tall handsome man merely smiles before reaching for the coat stand.

‘Introductions later, business lunch meeting in 5, follow me’

With that Siwon thrusts a couple of files into Kibum’s hand giving her a megawatt smile before rushing out of his spacious office. Kibum follows behind her new boss swiftly, trying to master running in heels and balancing the heavy black files Mr Choi had given her.

It was going to be a long day.

A/N: How is it so far? I have tried my best not to ramble too much but to get to the point quickly by laying down the foundations. 

Jan. 16th, 2012

Super Junior

Horrible Bosses.

Horrible Bosses/ My Boss & I

Part One

Genre: Comedy, Romance and Adult Humour

Pairings: HanChul, KyuMin, EunHae, SiBum, YeWook, KangTeuk (switched Gender Female: Heechul, Sungmin, Donghae, Kibum, Ryeowook and Leeteuk)

DBSK: YunJae

Rating: PG (May change throughout other chapters) May contain swearing, adult humor etc.

Summary: When your boss is the CEO of a big enterprise company, when your boss is the boss of all bosses, when your boss is probably the hottest looking guy in the business world, when your boss is a notorious playboy, a sadistic pervert, and a useless alcoholic, what should you as his personal secretary do?

They are mean, they are sadistic, they are workaholics, they are useless and they come in the form of your boss, they will work you, play you, tease you and also make you cook for them. 

5 CEOs, 5 Personal Assistances, 1 project and probably a hundred set of rules, how will they cope?

*ring ring*‘OH MY GOD!, I GOT THE JOB!’ Both Sungmin and Ryeowook shouts into the phone at the same time, Sungmin at one end and Ryeowook at the other. Just earlier the two girls had a morning job interview for a job at two different companies.

‘You go first’ Sungmin says, Ryeowook squeals in excitement ‘I have a job as the PA to the CEO of the Kim Advertising Agency, it is the biggest advertising agency in South Korea, I am so happy, I start work tomorrow!’. Sungmin too is happy for Ryeowook ‘Congratulation’s Wookie, you deserve it, you worked really hard for this interview’.

‘Well tell me about your job Minnie’

‘I also got a post as the secretary to the CEO of a media giant called KMC, Korea’s biggest Media Corporation, they specialise in telecommunication and the production of the world’s most up to date technology’. Sungmin gushes.

Ryeowook does a little jump but looks around to make sure no one was witnessing her moment of excitement ‘Minnie, I am very happy for you, I wonder how Teukie and Kibumie are doing at their interviews, I think they should finish at around 4 ‘.

Sungmin crosses the road on seeing the lights turn red, signalling for pedestrians to cross, she avoids bumping head on into a couple of busy people who were walking very fast with their heads down trying to get to their destination and do whatever it is they have to do on a  day such as this one. ‘I am sure Teukie and Kibum will be fine, how about we meet up with Hae at the city centre’s CupCakes café and wait for them there’.

‘Great I am on my way down now, I am about 5 minutes away, Hae texted me a minute ago to say she was already there and that they have good news for us’.

The two girls say their goodbyes before concentrating on trying to avoid busy people and trying not to get ran over by the busy traffic.


‘Over here Sungmin’ Donghae shouts and gets up to wave at the girl dressed in black and white clutching a pink handbag. Sungmin smiles before making her way through the cute cafe and eventually sits down on an empty seat next to Ryeowook who had arrived earlier. ‘Great news to announce’ Donghae says as she takes another sip of her hot drink.

‘I have got the job, they called me this morning when you two went off for your interview’

Sungmin claps her hands in happiness ‘Congratulations to both of you!’.

‘I am going to work as a sort of intern for the CEO of the International Bank of South Korea, he is in charge of all of the major banks in South Korea, I am so excited’. Donghae takes another gulp of her hot drink as she thinks about her perfect job.

 ‘we should call Teukie and Kibum, hopefully they have good news, then they can join us in our mini celebrations, mind you it has to be a mini celebration which means we can’t let alcohol get involved, I have a new job tomorrow and the last thing I want to do is turn up late and hung over’ Sungmin says as she takes her phone out to dial Leeteuk’s number while Ryeowook dials Kibum’s number.

Turns out both Leeteuk and Kibum successfully passed and survived their interviews, however Kibum was not happy. She slumps down in her seat and blows up a piece of hair that was covering her flawless face.

‘What’s wrong Bummie?’ Sungmin asks as she reaches for the cupcakes menu, Kibum huffed a breath of cold autumn air ‘Well I got the job’.

Leeteuk claps her hands together in joy before settling down in her own seat ‘that is great, but why do you look so upset?’ Kibum frowns ‘I applied for the post of manager of administrations but it turns out that the last secretary to CEO Choi; in charge of Choi enterprises just bailed out and it seems that this Mr Choi urgently needed a secretary, guess who got lucky?’ She says bitterly ‘I didn’t study for so long just to have to be some other guy’s office slave’.

Donghae sips her drink before exclaiming ‘but guys, it’s all a new beginning, we all have to start somewhere, in our case we will just have to start from the bottom and work our ways to the top’

Leeteuk smiles ‘Donghae is right, let’s turn those frowns upside down, for cupcakes are on the house’


A/N: Okay, I know the first chapter is very slow, dry and a little bit uninteresting but it should set the scene! :D Comments & criticisms are loved. 

Sep. 19th, 2011

Super Junior

Love At A Price.

Love at a Price (One Shot)

Pairing: KyuMin

Genre: Angst, Drama

Rating: NC-17

Summary:How much money would you reject for a forbidden love? What started for Sungmin as a fun game and an easy way to make money has turned into something dark, the fun game comes with a set of rules. Whoever said the game of love had no rules, obviously has never played the game, the real game.


The first time she sees him is on the day of her first job.

‘Hi My name is Sungmin, this is my first day’ the girl dressed in a white silk ruffle blouse, a pencil skirt and black patent heels says as she smiles at the receptionist. The receptionist looks up and smiles however it was one of those smiles that never reach the eyes indicating it was anything but genuine.
‘Just hold on a second, I will show you around in a minute’.
Sungmin smiles gratefully, her grip on her work bag tightens just a little more, she was fully aware that her palms were wet with perspiration; her heart beats loudly in her ears and her head spins as she looks around at her surrounding, everything looked new and expensive, she was afraid to tread too heavily on the posh carpet in case she leaves a mark or a dent.

‘Sungmin, if you will just follow me, I will introduce you to your co-workers’. The receptionist says, Sungmin nods before following the woman noticing for the first time that the woman was immaculately dressed, her hair pulled tightly into a neat bun, and she also couldn’t help but notice the woman’s designer shoes. Sungmin sighs quietly, so far everyone she has seen on her way to this office is either rich or very rich, even this receptionist.
Sungmin sits in her little cube, her section of workplace, she sighs as she looks at the empty oak pine desk with just a computer on it, the plain walls and the empty drawers made her heart sink, it was going to be a long year. Sungmin gets up in a bid to ask one of her fellow colleagues where she can make a cup of coffee. A woman whom she was introduced to earlier points her to the vague direction of a room. Sungmin thanks her gratefully before making her way to said direction. After about a minute Sungmin decides that she is lost. She would have asked someone but the people who passed by always looked so busy and she felt it would be rude to interrupt them just for the sake of a cup of coffee. She also felt that it was unnecessary for the place to be so big.

As she was lost in her train of thoughts regarding the possibility of quitting her job she stumbles upon a frosted glass door, without thinking she pushes the door open and stepped into the room. The talking stopped as everyone in the room looked up at Sungmin, Sungmin gasped, she looks at the door and sees a sign telling her that a meeting was in progress, and by the looks of things, it seemed like a very important meeting. She laughs nervously and shifts in her shiny black patent heels, ‘I’m terribly sorry, I wanted coffee, looks like this is the wrong place…’. No one in the room laughed. She decided that if there was any better time to run and immigrate to a different country now would be the time. ‘Right… I will just, urm…. yeah Leave’, she was just about to run or walk very quickly through the door when a tall man swiftly gets up ‘here, I will show where you can get a coffee from, in fact I will even give you a tour of the place’ the man says as he reaches for Sungmin’s arm. Other people in the room panics and gets up seemingly to stop him.

‘I take it this is your first day?’ the man says, Sungmin nods ‘how… how did you know?’, the man shrugs his shoulders ‘employees knows not to walk into a meeting room disturbing one of the most important broad meeting of the year’. Sungmin gasps, one hand clapping to her mouth. The man laughs.
‘Oh My God, I had no idea’ Sungmin sighs, it was her first day and she has already made a fool of herself. ‘Maybe you should get back to the meeting, I am sure I can get someone else to help me, I don’t want you to get in trouble’.
The man shrugs again ‘it’s fine, must help a colleague out right?, What is your name?’. Sungmin smiles, happy that she might have made a potential friend ‘My name is Sungmin’
The guy nods before pointing down a corridor ‘here this is the Whitehall corridor, it leads to all the smaller offices’. Sungmin nods as she tries to remember everything the man tells her, when at last they made it to the so called ‘coffee room’, she realised that she didn’t know his name.
‘Sorry I forgot to ask for your name’ she says, the man smiles he was just about to speak when a small entourage of people enters the coffee room in a state of panic, a women who was breathing heavily because she was out of breath speaks.
‘Mr Cho, really, you should get back to the meeting’
Another man with a clipboard also speaks ‘Mr Cho, we really need you back at the meeting, next time if you want a coffee just tell someone else to get it’
The said Mr Cho smirks before taking a sip of his black coffee ‘and what would be the fun in that?’, Sungmin was in a state of shock.
Mr Cho turns back to Sungmin ‘nice to meet you, babysitters want me back, see you later’.
With that said Mr Cho and his crew of people turn and walk back to the direction of the meeting room. Sungmin still shocked takes her cup of tea and slumps down on a nearby leather sofa, it all makes sense, the expensive suit, the rich aura, the crew of followers and of course that last name ‘Cho’, she works at ‘Cho Enterprise’, she has just had an encounter with the company’s CEO.
The next time she sees him again, she was in a very uncomfortable position, on a ladder, her left feet on one step and her right feet on the bottom step, her arms stretched out as she tries to reach upwards to get hold of a box of folders, she wobbles a little and nearly loses her balance, wearing heels and climbing a ladder is not a very practical thing to do. She hears a cough behind her and she turns around to see Mr Cho smiling up at her, little did she know that seconds before Mr Cho’s eyes had trailed from her legs up past her pert bottom and up her waist.
‘Need some help?’ Mr Cho asks. Sungmin laughs nervously ‘No I am fine thank you’. She grabs the folders and starts to make her way down as she got to the last step she feels a pair of warm hands come around her waist, those hands gently lifts her down but lingers on her waist long after her heels have touched the floor. Their eyes locked, Sungmin looks away nervously and Mr Cho removes his hands. ‘Sorry Mr Cho, I must get back’.
Mr Cho smiles ‘of course, call me Kyuhyun’
The next time that she sees him was a request from him.
She nervously enters the room to find Mr Cho or Kyuhyun sat at his glass desk, his suit jacket was off, he was just in a pristine white shirt and tie, on seeing her Kyuhyun smirks he immediately gets up and walks towards her the smirk never leaving his face.
Sungmin was scared to look into his face ‘You sent for me Mr Cho’, ignoring her, Kyuhyun uses a finger to tilt her chin so that she was staring into his eyes and for the first time she noticed just how handsome he was, his feature were perfect and those eyes were electrifying, before she could let her thoughts about how good looking her boss is carry on, Kyuhyun leans into capture her lips. Sungmin squeaks and Kyuhyun smiles against her lips as he forces his tongue into her mouth. Sungmin protested as she tries to push Kyuhyun away, but he never lets go, he didn’t have to because soon Sungmin finds herself melting into the kiss her arms automatically wrap around Kyuhyun’s neck and he pulls her closer deepening the intense kiss. Tongues battling against each other, his hands make their way to her ass squeezing the soft globes of flesh. This was enough to wake Sungmin up as she violently pushes him away.
Kyuhyun’s smirk disappears and instead he looks angry, he grabs her and pushes her against his glass desk, he leans in to her and Sungmin finds herself leaning as far back as she could against the cold surface ‘I called you in here because I want to offer you a deal’. Her eyes widen, and her breathing quickens as she feels his breath on her neck, Kyuhyun leans into her neck and places soft gentle kisses causing Sungmin to whimper, ‘the deal is, I want you to belong to me, I want you to be ready for me whenever I want, and do whatever I want us to do and to put it simply, sex’. Sungmin’s eyes widen more ‘what?’. Kyuhyun smirks ‘but of course I will reward you, heavily’. He reaches behind her and picks up a piece of paper from his desk. Sungmin finds out it was a cheque, a cheque for a large sum of money. He hands it to her, ‘this is only the starting sum of course’. He takes her hand and pulls her upright ‘think about it, if you accept the deal, be in here tonight after hours’.

Sungmin ponders about it for the rest of the day, she needed money, but was being a sort of escort the right thing to do? Wasn’t it awfully cheap? She looks again at the cheque, the money she was being paid was certainly not ‘cheap’ though. Her boss was good looking, he is willing to pay her for being with him, what more could be wrong? This could be exciting.
And so she made up her mind, this was a quick, easy and exciting way to make money with no strings attached. When the clock strikes 5 signalling the end of a working day, Sungmin makes her way to Kyuhyun’s office and nervously knocks.
‘Come in’. Sungmin opens the door to see a very tired and stressed looking Kyuhyun, his tie had been loosened, his hair was sticking up at certain angles and his sleeves were rolled up, she thought he looked very cute. On seeing her Kyuhyun’s face brightens up ‘Sungmin, I have been waiting for you for a while’ he gets up and before she could even say anything he has her pushed up against a wall, and attacks her lips, desperately tasting her. He pulls out of the kiss ‘I already know your answer’.
And that was how their ‘relationship’ develops; she was always on standby in case Kyuhyun called her, and demanded that she appeared before him in the next whatever ridiculously short amount of time he gives her.

They would meet up and ‘get it on’ in the most unusual of places, the one time Kyuhyun was fucking her into his glass desk was the one time Sungmin thought she might get caught, the door was shut, it was not locked, she squeaked as Kyuhyun hits that sweet spot inside of her, he pounds mercilessly into her so that she knocks all the paper and pens off the glass table and onto the lush carpets. Sungmin tries to hold back her moans biting her lips painfully until she draws blood, Kyuhyun grunts as he slams into her again and again, Sungmin’s eyes never leaving the unlocked door, anyone could walk into Kyuhyun’s office and see their boss fucking an employee. When they finished, she tries to scold Kyuhyun about ‘attacking’ her in risky places, Kyuhyun simply smiles and shrugs sheepishly as he fixes his tie, Sungmin was annoyed, but all anger and annoyance slipped away when Kyuhyun slips a cheque in her hand.

They never talked before or after sex, this is down to the fact that Kyuhyun was not a big talker. This other time was different, Kyuhyun had asked to meet her in an upmarket 5star hotel, instead of being greeted as usual with hungry lust filled eyes, Sungmin was instead welcomed by Kyuhyun’s warm hands tugging her down corridors. ‘Where are we going?’ she asks trying not to trip as Kyuhyun turns rapidly at a sharp corner, ‘lunch time’. They spent the rest of the day doing things Kyuhyun had arranged, from golfing on the hotel’s roof top to luxurious massages by the candle lit pool. By the end of the day the two were sat on the balcony of Kyuhyun’s presidential suite sipping on iced champagne while gazing out into the dark velvet night sky. ‘Thank you for today Kyuhyun’.
Kyuhyun smiles ‘think nothing of it Sungmin’. Sungmin sighs happily, she tosses her head back, her brown hair falls off her shoulders and she inhales the night air a smile on her face. Kyuhyun watches her silently, not missing the way his heart was skipping beats.
Sungmin gets up off her chair and stands by the balcony she could see to the farthest part of the city, she gasps when a pair of warms hands wraps around her waist and pulls her into a warm body, she turns around to see Kyuhyun smiling down at her. She smiles before looking out into the night scenery as Kyuhyun places soft butterfly kisses on her neck, she melts into his warm embrace and closes her eyes, how much she wished that all this could be real, not justified by money.

The next morning Sungmin woke up in bed next to a smiling Kyuhyun ‘good morning Sungmin’ he leans down to place a soft kiss on her forehead. She replies by snuggling herself into chest as he wraps his arms around her to pull her closer to him.
From that day on their ‘meetings’ become more and more frequent, it wasn’t always about the sex, sometimes they talked for hours on end and other times he would just cuddle her close, her back against his chest and his arms around her as he breathes in the scent of her. With each meeting she falls for him a little bit more.
It took Sungmin 4 weeks to find out Kyuhyun has a fiancé, ‘why didn’t you tell me?’ she half yelled, they were in a busy coffee shop. Kyuhyun shrugs ‘is it that important?’ Sungmin was hurt, how could he not tell her, but she knew that she wasn’t his anything, just his fuck buddy.

Kyuhyun takes a sip of his coffee before taking out an envelope ‘invitation’ he says, before getting up and walking out of the coffee shop. She stares at the red and gold envelop in her hands, too afraid to open it to confirm her beliefs. It was a wedding invitation.
She finds out that it was an arranged marriage, a marriage made on business agreements, a deal which would benefit both parties.
She thinks Kyuhyun has stopped their ‘relationship’ but she gets a text from him, her heart skips a beat. When they meet he only throws her onto his leather sofa before attacking her lips, carelessly ripping her clothes off, fingers already finding their way to the place between her thighs. Sungmin wanted more than this, she wanted to talk to him, she wanted to understand, she wanted to love him and for him to love her back. But she could only concentrate on the roughness of Kyuhyun’s hands on her delicate body, the dark yet tried look in his eyes as he takes out all his stress out on her body.
The next time she sees Kyuhyun, her heart sinks because he is pounding into her from behind, the desk that she is clinging onto is digging into her delicate arms, her skin is numb because of his death grip on her waist but the pain was nothing compared to the one building in her heart. He comes deep inside her; she doesn’t turn around, afraid of breaking the spell and instead hears the zip of his jeans as he pulls them up. She shivers around the cold night air, as she concentrates on facing the wall, her back to him still bent over the table that he had just moments ago pounded her into, the marks on her knees were evidence reminding her that it was all too real. He goes to her and places a cheque on the desk and then she hears the door open, then the door slams and she hears the faint sound of footsteps dying away as he made his way down the hotel’s lobby.
Their meetings became more and more frequent, each time no words were exchanged, just a simple matter of sex, the zip of his trousers, the giving of a cheque, the slamming of a door and the fading of footsteps. It was the same every time, it became a daily monochrome routine the only moments she treasures are the ones with Kyuhyun deep inside of her as he comes, his forehead covered in droplets of sweat against her back as his arms are on her waist, those were the moments she could make believe that he loved her.
The last time she sees Kyuhyun; is on his wedding day to a leggy brunette with a too fake smile and an air of arrogance, Sungmin can see that there is no love in the relationship, no moments of Kyuhyun staring deeply and lovingly into his wife’s eye, no love passing between the exchange of the ridiculously priced diamond rings, no crying from any side of the families, just a quick but showy display of forged, make believe love to symbolise the closing of a deal. A successful contract negotiated on the basis of love.
As the confetti rained down on everyone, she felt the last pieces of her already broken heart shatter, loud and clear but only for her to hear.
The crowd clears to follow the newlyweds, Sungmin stays seated on her seat, her eyes focusing on the alter. She feels a tap on her shoulder. It was Kyuhyun.

She gets up ‘congratulations’, Kyuhyun smiles but not a genuine one the type of smile that never reaches his eyes.
‘Yes I feel am a very lucky man’

‘So do you love her then? Or do you love the benefits she comes with?’

‘Sungmin, don’t be ridiculous, of course I do love her, and I am sure she loves me too’ he sighs

Sungmin was angry now, very angry, angry with him, with her, with the world but mostly she was angry at herself, she was the one that put herself in so much pain in the first place.

She laughs, a bitter bark that pierces the tense atmosphere, ‘Yes but does she know that I am the one you fuck every night?’
Kyuhyun shakes his head, turns around and walks steadily away from her.

I am the one you love right? The last question was quiet, timid, a little unsure but at the same time containing so much regrets and bitter disappointment, funny how much heartbreak can be concealed in just a few words to make a simple questions, which she knows, he will never answer.

But that’s the way it is. That’s the way it has to be. Rules are rules and the rules states that, Love comes at a price.

A/N: Super long and draggy. There are going to be alot of spelling and grammar mistakes do forgive me. Comments and criticisms are loved. :]

Aug. 6th, 2011

Super Junior

Welcome To Kingston University. Series 2.

Welcome To Kingston University! [Series 2] [FINISHED]

Series 2: Chapter Seventeen/ Lesson Seventeen/ A Lesson in Living Happily Ever After. [FINAL]

Pairings: KyuMin, HanChul, YeWook, SiBum, KangTeuk, EunHae [Female: Sungmin, Ryeowook, Heechul, Kibum, Leeteuk & Donghae]

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Fluff

Disclaimer: I only own the plot of this story!

Ratings: PG [Unless Stated Otherwise]

Summary: For 6 girls, it is their last year at world renowned Kingston University, a prestigious institution which has produced generations of masterminds and geniuses. However will the girls be able to graduate, will it be plain sailing? There seems to be more than one lesson that needs to be learnt and more than a few tests that needs to be passed.

A/N: For those who have not read the first series, please read the introductory chapter first: http://sohoiyan.livejournal.com/5959.html
Many weeks have passed since the Kingston Reunion had taken placed, Sungmin has moved in with the girls, she has since decorated her room pink, Kyuhyun has moved in with the other AIMs living in his own section of the luxurious apartments that was left empty just for him. Kyuhyun is still working as a doctor in the same hospital while Sungmin is working hard to complete her unfinished degrees in the hope of becoming a Nurse.
The two groups of friends and lovers meet at least once a week to catch up on life and currently the girls are as usual rushing around their apartment, however this time it is for a different reason.

‘Hey Teukie, do I take sun cream?’ Heechul shouts to Leeteuk who is in the other room sitting on her suitcase trying to zip it up, ‘Heechul we are going to the Caribbean islands, in about 40degrees weather, what do you think?’ she punches the air in triumph as she finally does manage to zip up her suitcase.

‘Should I take my pink straw sun hat?’ Sungmin asks Ryeowook who was rushing around the room grabbing bottles of suncream, hairspray, insect repellents and just anything that she thought that the other girls might need, Ryeowook spins around to look at Sungmin who puts on the said straw hat ‘yes sure Minnie, its pink, of course you should take it along’.

Kibum is trying to balance an arm full of facial products while at the same time trying not to trip over Donghae’s open suitcases ‘Hae, we are packing for holiday not unpacking’ she laughs as she jumps over a bundle of Donghae’s clothes on the floor. ‘Donghae jumps up and down excitedly ‘Oh I love packing for holidays’.

The girls had only a one day notice from the AIMs telling them that a holiday was booked for everyone to go to the Caribbean islands, which is typical AIMs style of operating.

Heechul tosses several bikinis and shorts out of her suitcase and then she slumps into the pile of garement ‘this is useless, I give up, I can’t pack with such short notice’, Kibum laughs ‘are you kidding remember the first time we were invited to France with them, we only had about an hour notice, it is a miracle that we have one whole day of notice’.
Heechul pouts ‘I am telling Hannie that the next time they do these surprise visit holidays with less than a week warning I am going to hurt him’ Kibum laughs ‘here I will help you pack, and do you really need 3 suitcases?’ Heechul nods ‘No, Actually 3 isn’t enough’. The rest of the girls laugh, ‘Heechul we are not moving to live there it’s just a one week holiday’ Ryeowook says as she like Leeteuk sits on both her suitcases in an attempt to zip them up. ‘Well you never know with these things, if the feeling is right, we might stay and live there forever’ Heechul replies.
‘Well forever is a long time’ Sungmin says as she helps Ryeowook by sitting on one of the suitcases.

It took the girls another hour before all the suitcases were packed and zipped, however it took Heechul another 2 new suitcases before she had finally managed to fit all her stuff into the 5 suitcases.

The doorbell rang and Ryeowook goes to open the double doors, the AIMs walked in ready to carry their girlfriend’s suitcases and bags, Hangeng curses about how crap is life is when he sees Heechul’s 5 suitcases, ‘why can’t my girlfriend be normal?’ he mutters under his breath as he tries to figure out how to carry all 5 suitcases, but Heechul only smirks as she pats him on the shoulders ‘don’t drop my stuff Hannie, I love you too’.

It took another hour before everyone and all the luggage was on its way to the airport this was mainly due to Leeteuk running back into the apartment about 5 times just to check that she has turned off all the taps or to check if all the windows were closed.

All the hustling and rushing about had tired the girls out so much that as soon as they stepped onto Siwon’s chartered plane they had all fallen into a deep slumber which is just as well seeing as it will be a 16hour direct flight from South Korea to the Caribbean islands.

Kyuhyun chuckles at how adorable girls can get sometimes one minute they are panicking, running about with so much energy and shouting at each other and the next they are fast asleep.

‘They must be really tired these past few weeks’ Yesung says as he gently caresses Ryeowook’s cheeks.

Siwon puts his business magazine away as he looks down at a sleeping Kibum with her head on his lap ‘yeah, they deserve a holiday’

Kangin nods as he tries to pulls the blanket over Leeteuk who was sleeping with her head on his shoulder ‘I want to make every holiday that I spend with these girls very special, especially for Leeteuk’.

Eunhyuk doesn’t join in the conversation instead he is busily taking pictures of a sleeping Donghae, while Heechul was practically sleeping in Hangeng’s warm embrace.

Everyone was awoken by the pilot speaking on the intercom ‘Good morning ladies and gentlemen we have now arrived at ‘Saint Lucia’ an island situated on the eastern border of the Caribbean sea, enjoy your stay’.

The girls all stretched and yawn, Ryeowook and Sungmin both looked out of the plane window before squealing in excitement at the sun blazing above them in the clear blue sky.
The girls were hit with a pleasant surprise as they stepped off the plane to be welcome not only by the cool and refreshing breeze but by a group of dancers dressed in colourful pieces of clothing with hoops of flowers hanging from their necks, they danced to the music as a welcome to the AIMs and the girls before two of the dancers stepped forward to put hoops of flowers over each guest. The girls and guys were given pretty cocktail drinks, with colourful little umbrellas in it and a slice of green lime clinging delicately to the side of the glass.

‘My, this is one great way to welcome people’ Heechul says as she sips her pink coloured cocktail and looks at her surroundings, they were as it seems on a patch of land used for landing helicopters and planes.
Siwon explained that the piece of land is owned by the five star hotel which is owned by Yesung and of which they will be staying in. After the dancers had finished their welcome tribute dance and left, two buggy sort of mini cars with an open roof top arrived seemingly to transport them to the hotel which happened to be only a 5 minute walk away.

Kibum squeezed Donghae’s hand as they arrived in front of a grand white building, the girls were speechless as they stared at the beautifully crafted building, there were palm trees dotted along the grand entrance along with bushes of scented flowers, there was even a red carpet laid out that leads right up to the double glass door entrance.

‘Please say that the red carpet was prepared for our arrival only’ Kibum says as she looks at the beautiful surroundings, Yesung grinned ‘I had them lay the red carpet especially to welcome
Princesses’, Heechul smirked ‘yes we are Princesses indeed’.
The day ended with the girls exploring around the hotel, it was a couple to one room, however the rooms were not your average hotel room, it was like a house within a room, the rooms were wide, spacious and luxurious, each with a balcony to overlook a view of the beach with its golden sand under the brilliantly blue sky.

The next day, they all woke bright and early for a planned trip to explore ‘Castries’ which is the capital of Saint Lucia, the day trip took the group around the capital and the tour guide pointed out all the hotspots and explained the history of some of the places. They then had a chance to go on foot in order check out the local markets, which was busy with people bargaining under the hot sun.

Heechul clapped her hands in pure delight, she loves bargaining and so she drags Hangeng off to do some vocal work with the stall holders, Hangeng was impressed with Heechul’s haggling skills. ‘Heechul, if you want something, just tell me’ Hangeng says. A look of discontent crossed her face as she shakes her head ‘Hannie, the whole point of coming to a place like this is for the haggling, and bargaining of prices, this is the type of experience that money cannot buy, now shut up and watch the professional do her job’. Hangeng could only laugh in amusement; his girlfriend was just too cute.

Siwon and Kibum were walking hand in hand, strolling by each stall and looking at the colourful and exotic things that were being sold, happily content with just listening to the busy shouting of people around them and looking at the busy atmosphere surrounding them.

Eunhyuk and Donghae is at a crushed ice stall, so far they had tried the ‘Sun-Down Ice Cream’, ‘Shaved Ice topped with condensed milk’, ‘Fresh Coconut juice’ (so fresh that it was still in the coconut), ‘Rainbow Slush’ and just about every sweet ‘ice’ treat available in the market. Donghae giggles at Eunhyuk’s blue tongue; a result of the ‘Rainbow slush’.

The KyuMin couple were cooing at the cuteness of a selection of soft rabbit toys available at a particular stall, well it was Sungmin who was doing most of the cooing, Kyuhyun just watches at her cute-ness overflowing, in the end they had to buy each bunny toy in every colour. Not that Kyuhyun minds of course, anything to make his Minnie happy.

The Kangteuk couple were having their portrait painted by a local artist, who keeps saying that all the couples who has had their picture painted by him will love each other until the end of time, Leeteuk loved that ‘fact’, however Kangin was sure that the painter was lying and also sure that the painter probably worked in an advertising agency in his previous job because of his ability to sell such a ridiculous idea, but Kangin still went along with it because hell he loved Leeteuk too much and if having their portrait painted by a conman/painter makes her happy, then so be it.

Lastly Yesung and Ryeowook were sat in a local café which is positioned right by the market, the road in front of the café is swarming with people, bicycles, cars, all sorts of animals and sellers balancing baskets of fruits on their heads. The two had order a refreshing tropical juice drink and are just sat watching a very busy world go by. ‘I love this place, everyone just looks so busy’ Ryeowook says. Yesung nods ‘its calming in a very strange way’.

At the end of the day, the group met in the Hotel’s luxurious dinner hall for a candle lit meal together laughing and talking about the events of the day.
Bright and early the next morning each couple had planned activities and chosen a holiday package, the EunHae couple is going to ‘St Lucia Aerial Tram and Zipline Canopy Tour’, the KyuMin couple will be going to a ‘Whale Watching and Dolphin Spotting Cruise from the North Island’, while the KangTeuk couple have decided to do something similar to KyuMin couple which is the ‘Soufriere’s Land and Sea Adventure Park’. Hangeng and Heechul is going on a ‘Land and Sea Jeep Safari’, while Kibum and Siwon have decided on taking part in a ‘Half-Day Kayak Tour from the North Island’, and lastly the YeWook couple settled on a ‘St Lucia Bike and Hike Half-Day Tour from the North Island’

Needless the day was filled with excitement and was adventure packed, by the end of the day, all the couples were exhausted and only had enough energy to meet up together at the Hotel’s dinner hall for another delicious candle lit meal.

The events for the next day was already planned, the group will be going on a ‘Champagne Sunset Cruise’ where they will be sailing the coastline of the tropical island paradise of St. Lucia, while watching the sunset and sipping champagne. The cruise took them around the coastline of Saint Lucia, on broad the cruise ship the group danced under the boiling sun, refreshed by the scent of the tropical waters, when eventually the ship slowed to a gentle cruise as the group awaits the beautiful sunset. Kyuhyun and Sungmin are looking out to the waters, loving how the sun reflects off the surface and from a distance it looks as if there were stars under the water’s surface. When the sun did set each couple ended the perfect day with a romantic and passionate kiss.

All too soon the last day of their holiday had arrived, and to make it extra memorable Yesung has hired out a nearby beach for a night time BBQ and party, inviting some of the hotel’s customers to join them.
While the girls were busy dressing for their last night, the guys were out on the beach, lighting up candles, setting up a bonfire, putting on the music, laying down seating areas and tables, setting up the BBQ, mixing the drinks and just preparing for a truly unforgettable night.

When the girls were finally ready, they made their way down to the beach.

‘Kyuhyun’, Sungmin squeals as she sees her boyfriend trying to cook a stick of vegetables, she runs to him and jumps in his arms, Kyuhyun in surprise drops his stick of burnt vegetables but he hugs her close breathing in her sweet strawberry scent, he lets her down and twirls her around in her strawberry summer dress ‘baby you look practically edible’.

‘Wookie, you are cute’ Ryeowook shifted in her flower adorned dress as Yesung stares at her for a long time.

Heechul scares Hangeng who was trying to keep the bonfire going, He was more surprised by the outfit she had on, which consisted of a bikini set and flip flops, her hair was loose and tousled with a bright red and scented flower tucked behind her right ear, she looked very sensual and beautiful.

Kibum had on just a simple white cotton dress and it was enough to stop Siwon from breathing for a couple of seconds.

Donghae surprises Eunhyuk by jumping on his back, clinging tightly onto him, Eunhyuk laughs as he tries to balance a tray of food and a giggling Donghae on his back. When he lets her down, he gives her a sweet kiss.

Kangin was busy trying to set up the lighting system that would set the lights which were wrapped around a tree on, when Leeteuk appeared before him wearing a pretty pattern maxi dress, in surprise he gets up too soon knocking his head on a tree trunk, somehow it still makes him nervous and feeling like a shy teenage boy every time he sees Leeteuk.

The party was soon in full swing, with the AIM guys providing the entertainment and ‘trying’ to cook, in the end everyone complained about Kyuhyun’s burnt food, so instead Yesung called for the hotel’s chef for backup.

They danced around the bonfire, its orange flames warming them, the alcohol making them sing and laugh much louder, the scent of the tropical flowers floated through the air mingled with the smell of the BBQ food. Hours and hours had gone by, eventually they were all tired out, the bonfire still burned but its flames have become smaller, the group collapsed exhausted on the warm golden sand staring up at the velvet night sky, silent but for the crackling sounds of the bonfire flames. They all held the hand of the person next to them.
‘Doesn’t this remind you of the night we went star watching at Kingston?’ Kibum asks, ‘yes, now all we need are some shooting stars’ Heechul says, and a couple of moments had passed when a bright flashed of light appeared in the sky. The girls gasped but they all quickly made a wish.

When Donghae opens her eyes she sighs happily and stretches ‘we need more holidays like this’, Ryeowook agreed ‘definitely’. Heechul nods ‘which destination?’.

Leeteuk smiles ‘the destination isn’t important, as long as the holidays we go on in the future will always be as great as this holiday’.

‘Yep’ Sungmin say ‘different destinations, different time but the same people’.

‘That sounds great’ Kyuhyun says. And then there was silence as everyone breathed in their happy bliss. And so there we have it, all stories have happy endings, they all have a final stop, it is just a matter of time. Because you might not always end up where you thought you were going to be, but you will always end up where you were meant to be with the people who were fated to stay by your side for as long as… well until the end of time.

A/N: And it has come to an end! Let me know what you thought of this fic, and please comment for the last time. I am sad to let this fic go but I am currently working on something new. Happy reading.

Aug. 1st, 2011

Super Junior

Welcome To Kingston University. Series 2.

Welcome To Kingston University! [Series 2]

Series 2: Chapter Sixteen/ Lesson Sixteen/ A Lesson in Forever and After.

Pairings: KyuMin, HanChul, YeWook, SiBum, KangTeuk, EunHae [Female: Sungmin, Ryeowook, Heechul, Kibum, Leeteuk & Donghae]

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Fluff

Disclaimer: I only own the plot of this story!

Ratings: PG [Unless Stated Otherwise]

Summary: For 6 girls, it is their last year at world renowned Kingston University, a prestigious institution which has produced generations of masterminds and geniuses. However will the girls be able to graduate, will it be plain sailing? There seems to be more than one lesson that needs to be learnt and more than a few tests that needs to be passed.

A/N: For those who have not read the first series, please read the introductory chapter first: http://sohoiyan.livejournal.com/5959.html

It has already been a few days since the girls were told that they were the proud owners of a 500year old castle. After that day the girls threw themselves into their working lives, it is a sunny Wednesday morning when Ryeowook picks up the mail, she spots 5 red and gold envelope addressed to the girls, Ryeowook opens up the envelope with her name on it to find an invitation to the ‘Kingston Reunion Party’, Ryeowook squeals with excitement before running around the apartment to inform everyone that there will be a reunion party in 4 days’ time. Of course the girls were excited, again they would be able to revisit the place that has given them so much to treasure and they would be meeting up with the people that once played an important roles in their lives for 5 years.

The next few days pasts like a blur, and finally it was the day, to mark the occasion the dress code would be the Kingston uniform, Donghae takes down her uniform which had been washed and neatly ironed the day before, she puts it on before skipping out into the living to be meet by the rest of the girls, Heechul pulls at her uniform disapprovingly ‘why of everything we can wear, must we wear a uniform?’ Leeteuk smiles as she straightens Ryeowook’s white ruffle blouse ‘because Heechul it carries more significance’.
Heechul groans and carries on filing her already perfect nails, ‘Besides, you get to wear glamorous clothes every day, so today can be a day off, that is not to say that the Kingston uniform isn’t glamorous’ Kibum says. Donghae nods excitedly ‘I love the uniform’.

The day before, Sungmin’s mother had called to say that Sungmin insisted that she wants to go to the reunion. She no longer needed a wheelchair and her mother has presented her with her Kingston uniform that she used to wear. On putting it on Sungmin feels the tears well up in her eyes as her heart tugs at that very familiar feeling.

The reunion party was to be held in Kingston’s grand hall, the girls stared in awe at the place ‘it looks as if nothing has changed at all’ Ryeowook exclaims, Kibum who was next to Ryeowook also agrees ‘it’s like everything is the same as before, the same as it always was’.

When the girl enters the already full hall, they immediately spot the AIMs in a corner all clutching delicate looking glasses filled with champagne; they also see Kyuhyun stood next to Sungmin. Kyuhyun was not in his uniform for the sake of hiding his identity, he was there to watch over Sungmin as her personal doctor. Kyuhyun chats to Sungmin, Kangin greets Leeteuk with a kiss, Hangeng hugs Heechul and Siwon and Kibum engage in a conversation, leaving Yesung and Eunhyuk talking to each other and Ryeowook and Donghae not knowing what to do. Eunhyuk upon noticing the awkward atmosphere between the four of them laughs a little ‘so Ryeowook how about you and Donghae take Sungmin for a little walk around Kingston gardens’? Heechul pulls away from Hangeng’s embrace ‘sure us girls will all go’. Sungmin smiles before following the girls out.

‘So Minnie, we heard from your mother that you have been getting a lot of headaches lately, how are you now?’ Leeteuk asks as she tries to navigate her way through the gardens. Sungmin sighs as she inhales the fresh air ‘they have gotten a lot better now that I am allowed out of the hospital’. Heechul claps her hands together ‘great we should book an all-girls holiday soon to catch up on all the time we have missed together’ they have finally reached a part of the garden where there was a big water fountain carved out of stone, the girls all sat on the various benches as they admired the way the water flows. ‘can I ask everyone a question?’ Kibum stretches her arms ‘sure, go ahead’. Sungmin takes a deep breath and slowly gets up.

‘Why did you all lie to me?’
Leeteuk nearly chokes on the air she was breathing on, and even Kibum who was normally the calm one in the group looked panic stricken. ‘What… what do you mean Sungmin?’ Ryeowook asks nervously.

Sungmin paces around the fountain ‘you all lied to me for three years!’, Heechul shakes her head ‘Sungmin you don’t know what you are talking about, we…just…’

‘I remember’ Sungmin says, her voice quiet and unsteady.

Donghae gasps.

‘I remember everything’ Sungmin says again, this time with more strength in her voice.

Leeteuk cups her hands to her mouth ‘but…how…?’

‘I asked another doctor about it, she says that sometimes a person’s memory can be trigger by an incident which has cost the memory lost in the first place’ Sungmin explains.
‘In my case, it was the accident I saw on the day that we were coming back to the castle, it triggered some brain cells and from that day on, I have been plagued by fragmented memories, people I know, events that have taken place, hence the reason why I have been getting constant headache’.

Donghae’s eyes welled with tears ‘you have no idea how long we have waited for this day’. ‘What I want to know is why you guys felt it was the best idea to lie to me?’ this time Sungmin’s voice begins to waver. Heechul gets up from her seat and puts an arm around Sungmin ‘Minnie we all promised Kyuhyun’ Sungmin shakes her head and wipes the tears from her eyes ‘and you were all willing to let me live this lie?, for so long I have struggled to try and find myself, I was just a lost person, I had no idea who the hell I was, I felt like I was being a burden to the people who loved me but yet I had no idea who they were, how could I when I didn’t even know who I was’. More tears poured from Sungmin’s eyes ‘everyday was torture, a living nightmare, I tormented myself with thoughts through the lonely nights, I distanced myself from the world : everything and everyone in it and all this time you never revealed the true story to me to even attempt to put me out of this misery’

Kibum also dabs at her falling tears ‘we… we had no idea… that you had suffered so much’.
Heechul motions to Sungmin to sit down ‘we are deeply sorry, we stupidly thought it was for the best’. Sungmin smiles through her tears ‘I don’t blame you, you were only doing what you thought was right’
Ryeowook goes over to sit on the hard gravel ground and looks up at Sungmin ‘please don’t blame Kyuhyun, he didn’t want to be a burden and from the day you was involved in the accident he blamed himself for everything and that was why he saw it right to pay everything back to you’

Sungmin lets out a bitter laugh ‘and leave when he has finally paid everything back to me?’ Leeteuk takes hold of Sungmin’s hand ‘well you will have to ask him that yourself’.
‘Do your parents know?’ Sungmin nods ‘I told them on the second day that I found out everything and I also told them to keep it a secret from everyone, especially Kyuhyun’.
The other girls nod in understanding, there was a moment of silence except for the calm sound of gushing water spraying from the water fountain.

Sungmin breaks the silence ‘I was wondering if you would allow me to live with you, now that I…’ Ryeowook does not allow Sungmin to finish her request before jumping up to hug her ‘of course you may, we have waited for this day for a long time, we have an apartment and we left a room empty because we knew that one day you will join us’. Sungmin smiles gratefully as she holds onto Leeteuk and Heechul’s hands.

‘Oh and one more thing Sungmin’ Heechul says as she looks at the others.
‘WELCOME BACK!’ the 5 girls all shout at once. Sungmin laughs and she initiates a group hug.
‘Don’t worry we will make up for lost time’ Kibum says as she hugs the group closer.

When they have untangled themselves from each other the girls walk hand in hand to another part of the Kingston garden this time they stop at a grassy spot which hosts a tall flowering tree, there the girls all sat down crossed legged and hand in hand as they talked and talked their way through 3 years’ worth of pain and missed moments. It was only when Ryeowook noticed the reddening of the sky that she drew everyone to the attention that they should be getting back to the forgotten Kingston reunion.
‘Oh boy, this reunion really is a reunion; we got to reunite with the Sungmin that we have missed so dearly’. Sungmin smiles ‘now I have to confront Kyuhyun, is it okay if you don’t tell Kyuhyun about this because I want to ask him myself personally’. The girls all promised that they would not breathe a word to Kyuhyun and they all made their way back into the hall where the party was still in full swing.

Kyuhyun hands Sungmin a drink ‘Are the headaches coming back?’ Sungmin takes the drink ‘No I have never felt more energised’, Kyuhyun smiles ‘that’s great’. ‘Actually Kyuhyun can I talk to you, in private?’ Sungmin asks, Kyuhyun nods before following Sungmin, he was a little taken back when he sees that Sungmin knew her way around Kingston.


‘Kyuhyun?’ Sungmin says ‘Can I ask you, who you are?’
Kyuhyun looked confused ‘Sungmin are you okay? His hands reaches up to feel her forehead’ Sungmin brushes his hands off ‘I have never been more okay, now answer my question Dr.Cho!’
Kyuhyun stammers ‘well…you know… I am Cho Kyuhyun, your doctor’. Sungmin shakes her head ‘no tell me exactly who you are’ Sungmin loved the look of a confused Kyuhyun, it was so much fun putting him on the spot and watching him trying to think up something.

‘Kyu’ she says quietly, at that Kyuhyun’s eyes widen with surprise ‘did you plan to leave me after you plan to repay me everything back, you should know that nothing was your fault’ Kyuhyun was speechless.

‘Yeah, I remember’ she says more quietly this time.

‘Remember back at the castle you promised that you would never lie to me, you broke that promise, why didn’t you tell me who you were?’

Kyuhyun finally finds his voice ‘I…I just didn’t want to be a burden to you because it was all my fault I wanted to gain redemption by helping to cure you and then you would be able to live a better life’
Sungmin turns her back on Kyuhyun as she walks towards a balcony that overlooks that Kingston gardens of where she had been sat just minutes ago ‘If you wanted me to live a better live you should have just left, do you know how much more painful it would be for me to see you every day, acknowledge your existence, know that I once meant something to you but I am no longer important enough for you to tell me that you once loved me’.

Kyuhyun looked hurt ‘Min I didn’t want to hurt you, if I told you that the accident was my fault you would have hated me, it would kill both of us knowing that we would never be the same again, but I thought that if I didn’t tell you, then you wouldn’t have to live with the pain and I trust myself to be able to live through it’.

Sungmin turns back to face Kyuhyun and sees his tears she bitterly smiles to herself at the amount of tears that have been spilt today more than any other day, ‘oh Kyuhyun’ she wraps her arms around his waist and hugs him tight, Kyuhyun was startled by her unexpected action ‘you don’t hate me?’ Sungmin shakes her head against his shoulder as her tears soak his shirt ‘ it is not your fault, what matters is right here right now, let’s bury all those painful memories’ Kyuhyun hugs her tight afraid that he might lose her again.

They pull apart and Sungmin reaches underneath her uniform and pulls out a necklace that she was wearing ‘you got me this on my latest birthday; I hope that Minnie the bunny rests in peace’. Kyuhyun smiles ‘I am sure she is doing really well in heaven right now as she is looking down onto earth at her last owners’. They spend an hour trying to catch up on missed time with Sungmin telling him that she was planning to move in with the girls and Kyuhyun also saying that he will be moving in with the guys.

The two return hand in hand back to the hall, it turns out the girls have told the AIMs about Sungmin’s good news, the AIMs all took it in turn to hug Sungmin and welcome her back. And there was a surprise guest at today’s event, the AIMs all part way for none other than Princess Sofia who had come to visit. Sungmin squeals and hugs the Princess ‘Welcome back Sungmin’ Sofia says as she pats her back. Sungmin smiles ‘it’s great to be back’.

Sofia catches up with everyone ‘I have just come back from a trip around Thailand and tomorrow I am leaving for Iceland’. After a while Sofia notices the distance between Ryeowook and Yesung , she shakes her head before taking both their hands and dragging them by force through the crowds and through the corridors eventually pushing the pair into a music classroom ‘you will thank me for this one day’ and with that she shuts the door behind her and makes her way back into the hall, the girls and the AIMs give her a questioning look , Sofia giggles as she takes a sips of the bubbly champagne ‘I just wanted to play cupid for the night’.

There is an awkward silence in the room both Ryeowook and Yesung failed to break the silence. Ryeowook spots the piano and goes to sit down on the bench before playing a soft tune on the black and white keys, Yesung looks at her, there was a long aching for her in his heart, each key she pressed tugged at his already weakened heart, it was like Ryeowook had complete control over his heart, not that he minded of course. Ryeowook closed her eyes as she concentrated on playing the piano, concentrated on playing out her true feelings.
He closed his eyes as he too understood each key, each note, he opens his eyes and looks at the petite delicate girl sat on the piano bench playing the piano pouring her heart and soul into each note, he slowly makes his way towards her and ever so gently bends down slightly in order to wrap his arms around her, Ryeowook smiles a little, her eyes still closed as she carries on playing to the beating of both their hearts, for no words were needed, music did all the talking.
Tonight it seems everything was going perfect, as Ryeowook returned with Yesung to the main hall, they both thanked Sofia who at this time had gotten a little tipsy as was everyone else ‘you two are such idiots for not realising you loved each other, you just needed a little push, now if you will excuse me I have a party to attend to’ with that she dances her way through the already intoxicated bodies.
The AIMs and the girls filled Yesung in on Sungmin regaining her memory and everyone continued to dance, talk, smile and live life.

Eunhyuk was feeling a little anxious about his speech that he is to give in a couple of minutes. But his nerves soon disappear when he sees a happy Donghae talking with Sungmin. The music stops and the lights are back on, Kingston’s head master also Eunhyuk’s father Mr Lee walks onto the stage ‘hello again boys and girls, missed me?’ the hall erupts in laughter ‘well I don’t want to waste away precious partying time so just to keep this short and simple, welcome back again, I hope everyone is doing very well and on the way to accomplishing their dreams, and well that is it, next I would like to past this stage onto ex-Kingston representative Eunhyuk, he has bugging me for the past months about a little problem he has, lets welcome Eunhyuk’.

Eunhyuk grins as he steps onto the stage ‘thanks father, well it looks like you couldn’t keep away from this place right?’ he says, there was laughter, ‘I am sorry for the things that I am about to say next because I will now subject you all to a very cheesy version of a confession, you see there is this girl that I once loved, I was an idiot for not treasuring her, I always hurt her, I thought that I would be able to forget her like I could with all my other relationships before her, but as time went by I realised that she wasn’t just any other girl and I would like to tell her that I would do anything to make it up to her if she would just give me another chance to prove to her that she was, is and will always be my everything’.
The crowd erupts in ‘awes’.

‘Now that you have all endured my very depressing and cheesy love confession, you may all proceed with the partying, have fun everybody’. With that said Eunhyuk bounded off the stage and makes his way to stand in front of Donghae, Donghae looks at him with curiosity, Eunhyuk smiles nervously ‘Donghae I am sorry, I have been such an idiot, I never considered your feelings, but now I finally understood how you must have felt watching the person you love and trust hurt you’. Eunhyuk shrugs ‘maybe I don’t deserve you anymore’. Heechul who has overheard the conversation snorts ‘Donghae is crazy about you, now just hug, kiss and make up already, we are waiting for you two to complete this near perfect night’. Eunhyuk smiles sheepishly ‘I should just hug you shouldn’t I?’ Donghae nods and enters into his warm embrace. There were cheers and clapping.
Sofia who has witnessed it all cheers: ‘well it’s about time people’.

It took another hour of dancing and eating and drinking before Sungmin wanted the girls and the AIMs to go outside. And so they did, the music could still be heard as they all sat under that same oak tree that has been on the Kingston grounds for so many years ago, the same spot that they watched the shooting stars from and the same spot they all graduated from.

It felt good to be here with the same people, at the same place, different time but sharing the same dreams and holding onto the same memories that will last forever until time ends.

A/N: Sorry again for the super late update, so to make up for it here is a super long update which was meant to be two separate chapters but I have joined it together. And oh my everything is so perfect here, it’s unreal. Lol. Happy reading and comments are loved. Don’t worry this was meant to be the last chapter but there is one last one on its way. <3 ^^

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